A New Phase for PWS Legacy

By PlanetLaundry Staff, CLA Member posted 04-23-2015 15:49


Brad Steinberg, Brad Pollack Now Sole Company Shareholders/Owners

PWS – The Laundry Company has announced that Brad Steinberg and Brad Pollack, co-presidents of PWS, Inc., have concluded a buyout of the corporate stock holdings of Eric Steinberg and Mort Pollack, respectively, and, therefore, are the sole shareholders/owners of the company.

The transaction, finalized on March 1, 2015, signifies “a continuing commitment to the excellent customer service that has been the benchmark of PWS since its formation in 1968,” according to the company. Brad Steinberg and Brad Pollack, who have lead the company for the better part of the last decade, intend to continue to focus on customer support functionality with the goal of improved profitability for laundry owners throughout California and Nevada.

Both Steinberg and Pollack exhibit a passion for the commercial laundry industry and a respect for the family legacy. PWS’ history includes a 47-year relationship with Speed Queen; the development of more than 2,500 new laundromats; the sale of 2,000 existing store; and the sale of more than $250 million in Speed Queen equipment. Additionally, under the leadership of Steinberg and Pollack, PWS – through its website – has become the largest distributor of commercial laundry replacement parts in the United States.

“The industry is as healthy as it has been in years, and I believe PWS is primed to continue to offer best-in-class products, service and assistance to laundromat owners,” Pollack said. “Over the next few years, our intent will be on focusing store owners on the importance of reducing energy consumption. We believe that, along with energy-efficient ancillary products, Speed Queen washers and dryers can significantly reduce laundromat operating costs.”

Steinberg and Pollack also are thrilled to continue to work side by side, now as sole owners of PWS.

“I could not think of anyone I would rather partner with in this industry than Brad Pollack,” Steinberg noted. “He has more than 30 years of experience in all facets of the industry, and I continue to learn from his wealth of industry knowledge.”

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