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  • Thank you Deward! I feel likewise! It's great to learn and share with people in the industry especially because I'm brand new to it. I look forward to you coming to my store as I'll show you all I've done here and the system we spoke about today. Cheers! ...

  • Barry, That is an interesting Video. I had assumed that there isn't significant water usage difference between any of the modern machines that all allow for adjusting water levels and number of baths. Is there any information available about the actual ...

  • John; It was good to talk to you over the phone. Best wishes in your adventures. Oh and be safe for you and your customers. ------------------------------ Deward Stout Store Owner/ Employee Hurricane Laundromat & Storage Hurricane UT -------------- ...

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  • Update: We executed a process of elimination methodology in the following order: 1. Swapped main control board from a working machine  2. Drain pump from another working machine after thorough cleaning 3. Door solenoids - new 4. Small control board (front), ...

  • Here's a pic of the MIB, I hope!?.. lol I'm not too good with technology and that's my core issue!!! ------------------------------ John Honeycutt Store Owner/ Employee Harts Laundry Roy UT ------------------------------


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