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    RE: ED02

    ​ED:02 is a DC BUS error.  Troubleshooting procedure: 1.  Power down and check line voltage.  If it is within specification, proceed to step 2.  If not, get your electrician to assess improper line voltage. 2.  If the error only occurs at the start ...

  • I'm in California so minimum wage is split for a company under 25 employees and over 25 employees: $10.50 for under $12.50 for over We pay between $12-$13.50 after 30 day probation based on time in service and part time or full time. My goal is to be ...

  • The beauty of posting is  I can reread all the comments. Thanks for all of you that have responded to what you are paying your personnel.  KJ, Juan,Ross., Michael, Laurence; You all criticized me for such a low wage. Possibly you are correct. However, ...

  • Thank you for everyones' idea's about conversion that I am up against.  There are some really great ideas, on timeliness, customer appreciation and loyalty, keeping an accurate ledger of balances, etc.   I probably should have given a little more info.  ...

  • Robert... I have always asked the customer to do a double check at home, and I make suggestions... Shirt on hanger: Could it have been tucked behind something or put in a different closet than usual? (Found it !!!) Half of a velour pantsuit: Could ...


  • Laundry Owners: Join Us at Excellence 2018

    Learn more about the Excellence in Laundry Conference taking place May 16-17, 2018 at the Naples Grande Beach Resort in Florida. Click on the link below to learn more about this event and to watch a video presented by the President/CEO of the CLA, Brian Wallace.
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