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  • As many have seen in the past I am not shy about posting concerns from my stores to Facebook. I have looked at many types of marketing methods and all of the steps involved in them to get people to buy into you and your product. Now I understand this ...

  • Does anyone have specific strategy for winning/finding new commercial accounts? The answer will vary from laundry owner to laundry owner as some people have really found success in specific niche markets that they've learned to cater to.  Part of ...

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    Total Solution = POS + Routes + WDF + Customer Marketing + Customer On Demand App + Social Media Integration  = LIBERTY COMPUTER SYSTEMS....... ------------------------------ Lenny Gershater Potential Investor Fort Lauderdale ...

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    RE: Marketing Budget

    On the other hand, you cannot tie your marketing directly to customer acquisition.  Or can you as Paulie B mentioned?  Paulie is acquiring 3 new customers a day or roughly 1K per year.  That is very impressive. I can show a similar graph for my WDF business ...

  • Guys, Sounds like an oxymoron - the value of a good competitor.  How can your competitor be "good"?  How can your competitor provide "value" for you? Let's start by examining what I mean by a "good" competitor.  A good competitor is one that provides ...


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