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1.  Do you tip a Contractor's construction workers?

Posted 6 days ago
Hi all,

Here's some food for thought....When having construction or repair work done at your mat, who here bother's to tip the actual workers?

Well, I do....Some people will buy them lunch, offer them water, etc, but I prefer to give them a few bucks. My logic is that everyone always needs money.

Furthermore, many people will tip at the end of a job, but I do not.

I think that tipping at the end does me no good.
So I tip them BEFORE the job as an incentive for them to work harder and to get little extras done for me that they normally might not be willing to do.

Does anyone agree?

Paulie B
Mr Machine
New York City, NY

2.  RE: Do you tip a Contractor's construction workers?

Posted 5 days ago
​I am an ex GC and I would fire any employee seen collecting tips as it raises the question of what did they do to warrant it while on my payroll. It is not a service industry and they are paid to do a job.
Lunch etc is one thing, cash is another.

Adam & Janet Carson
Store Owner/ Employee
Busy Bubbles LLC
Port Orford OR

3.  RE: Do you tip a Contractor's construction workers?

Posted 5 days ago
I work for large GC my dayjob and own a mat on the side as well. Yes, tipping workers is a red flag from a GC prospective. But, If I have workers doing work at my mat or house, I always tip and always do it at the beginning of the work/shift. I give them the tip and tell them they will get the same amount or maybe more at the end of the shift/work if they do a good job.  I did the same few months ago when I hired a moving company. Double standards between my work as GC and business owner...Guilty and I know it :)

Hani A
Store Owner/ Employee
long beach CA

4.  RE: Do you tip a Contractor's construction workers?

Posted 5 days ago

Hello Gals and Guys,

What / Why is the reason for tipping? I do not see it.

When you hire a General Contractor to do a job either at your house or at your place business, You and him negotiate / stretch and loosen / haggle and dribble back and forward the price, the quality and quantity of materials, payment terms, monetary advancement, the estimated time for partial deliveries or completion of work and many others.

At the end if both agreed in all the final terms, there is not need for tipping the contractor or his workers throughout the development of the job contracted and agreed, Everybody in the transaction is and was aware of the implications, conditions, and terms before starting the job.

The very same way you and your contractor dealt and settled previously on all the terms, the same contractor had dealt beforehand either with his own crews or his sub-contractors and their employees about all the terms in advance taking the job or the hiring about the salaries, wages, fringe benefits, bonus, and else.

When you go to Walmart do you tip the associates for pointing you to where that specific product or brand you are looking for is? Not really, his job when she / he applied and took the job at Walmart she / he knew what to the customers the obligations were to be. Help the customers any possible way, be attentive, polite, even takes you figuratively by the hand and walk you to the aisle where your looking product / brand is.

When you visit your dentist, ophthalmologist, veterinarian do you tip the receptionist at the front desk, the medical practicing assistant or nurse for filling up the information regarding the reason to your visit with the specialist. No, of course not.

When a customer of yours asks you to help her / him instruction on how to use a washer or a dryer, do you expect a tip? No, of course not.

The same way I do not agree with tipping waitress / waiters or bar attendants at restaurants. Those employees should be under the owner of the establishment employment roster. Earning and paying full / hourly salaries, taxes, fringe benefits, bonus, and else.

Customers of any business they should not have the burden of giving a tip for the services rendered by the employees of the establishment in question. The owner or the management team they must provide in advance what are the salaries and gratuities that those employees are entitled to and consider these within the final price of the service product sold to the client.

How many times some of us have visited an establishment and received a royal king´s treatment and given a big tip thinking that the product, service, and attention of the employees is out of this world, and how many times we have returned to the same establishment expecting to receive the same great service and we have felt cheated and put-upon because the person who assisted us is not the same as the last one and his care to us was worse than regrettable.

That is the reason because many hired employees are badly used that if you do not tip them in advance they only deliver a low quality job with bad attitude and undermine their bosses.

I also agreed that at the end of the contracted job the performance of the employees is / was superlative maybe an unspoken bonus of gratitude will be given.

Miguel A Gonzalez

5.  RE: Do you tip a Contractor's construction workers?

Posted 4 days ago
I've used GCs for both new construction and remodeling home and commercial property.  On any large project, the user should be on site as much as possible.  Through out the projects I have bought lunch and snacks.  Attention to the workers is appreciated and noticed.  Like most people, when the workers are recognized, they will go above and beyond.  I would only tip at the end of a project.

Mostly, I like to get to know who's on site.  Small projects will come up in the future and its good to have resources that you can call on and give some smaller work projects to.

Timothy Foster
Multi-Store Owner/ Employee

6.  RE: Do you tip a Contractor's construction workers?

Posted 3 days ago
We had a Japanese Exchange student stay with us for several months, many years ago.
She related to us that she worked as a Food Server / Waitress in Japan for several months, during non-school times, over several years. Since she was 16.

Because this business was in / near a more popular "tourist destination" in Hiroshima, the owners of the restaurant went out of their way to warn of the strange custom of foreigners "tipping".

It seems that in Japan, you agree to work for "so many hours, and at 'such-such' wage".

Being given Extra Money to perform a Better Job is seen as an Insult, as you are already expected to do the job to the best of your ability, at all times.

I too have a problem with tipping wait-people, etc, for much the same reasons, as well as what was said by Miguel.

Why is it legal to pay people Half the wages, and expect the Customer to pick up the Other Half as "tips"?

AND  If the tip is a "Gratuity" ( free gift), why does the Government have the right to Automatically "Assume" that the wait-person has received 15% as a gift (tips), (whether they got it or not), and apply Taxes to their Total Receipts?

I guess little Timmy or Margaret better be carefully, or someday the Government will want to apply Taxes to their Birthday and Christmas Presents
"OK Kid! Hand over that Doll's left arm!"

Service Technician since 1986
and sometimes Laundromat Owner
Santa Barbara, CA

7.  RE: Do you tip a Contractor's construction workers?

Posted 4 days ago
I have tipped at various times.

When I built my last store the Electrical company I always use had one guy do the entire job, at the end I tipped him with some Home Depot Gift Cards. Partly because he did a good job and partly because he had to put up with me for 3 months.

The plumber did his own work and had some helpers occasionally. I didn't tip him as he owns his own company. I will buy them lunch a few times on big jobs and at other times supply some drinks and snacks. The customers don't mind if I walk in with a stack of pizzas either.

I gave a Home Depot Gift Card to the Realtor that sold my last rental property. It sold quick and for just what she said it would.

I agree with many of the examples above, the one difference being wait staff. In my state minimum wage for wait staff is around $2.50 per hour plus tips. If they make less than the Federal Minimum wage combined the owner has to make up the difference, if they make more great. This is probably the only way they can survive in this market.
If they had to pay Federal minimum wage they would just cut the staff to the bare bones. With 2 daughters working as wait staff I would rather they put in the effort for better tips then be looking for work.

Ken Barrett
Washin Oxford Coin Laundry
Pell City AL