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Speed Queen tumbler deep clean suggestions

  • 1.  Speed Queen tumbler deep clean suggestions

    Posted 06-10-2018 15:48

    We are constantly challenged to find the middle ground between our high expectations (or OCD desire for something that may be unrealistic) - and the industry standard of "Clean enough".

    Regarding our Speed Queen tumblers, we discovered another layer of lint.

    paddleI can't really figure out what this 'thing' is called... / so - I've just been referring to the three in each barrel as 'paddles.' Can you tell us the proper name?

    While cleaning out the daily lint, I was digging around a bit to see how I could get a 'detail' list in order - and keep a tighter regiment. There is gum and quarters and nails that I've mostly removed (in between the walls of the barrel and the paddle end-caps. We put that on a checklist. BUT... that's when I starting noticing build-up in the paddle itself.

    paddleYou wouldn't be able to notice as a customer.

    lint1But once you do... it's really clear.

    under paddleFrom below / lint drawer. (It also really packs into the end-caps.) Only the front half is easy to get to through the opening.

    toolWe happen to have this really long screwdriver - that we bent for another purpose. Works fairly well from below - to scrap things loose and pull them toward the lint drawer.

    dense lintThis seemed to be an average amount of lint stuffed in there... / and if it doesn't look like a lot... it feels like a lot --- and it is dense.

    This takes at least 30 minutes to do one tumbler. / which isn't the worst... but our question is --- Is this normal? Or have most of the things in the mat we bought - just never been cleaned since 2003? We're still trying to find the normal here.

    - What amount of time would you guess it could take to build up to this point?

    - How much does this buildup affect drying times?

    - Are there any slick ways of keeping these things tidy?

    - Does this normally get taken care of by some routine barrel cleaning that our mechanics of the past should have been doing?

    - Is this normal?

    - Any other thoughts?


    Oh... and so I don't end up opening another thread... what about the lint behind the barrel - smashed between the wall? It's not very much... but it feels like enough to get pushed into the wrong area - and then burn up.

    lint on back wall


  • 2.  RE: Speed Queen tumbler deep clean suggestions

    Posted 06-11-2018 16:25
    Hi I would like to add to this and ask what do you do to get the odor out of your driers?  my 75lb tumblers have always seemed to smell.  My stack 30's don't.  We clean them all the time and it just bugs me.

    Paul DeFrisco
    Store Owner/ Employee
    Lakewood NY

  • 3.  RE: Speed Queen tumbler deep clean suggestions

    Posted 06-11-2018 23:15
    Paddle, baffle, lifter, vane.  All terms are correct.  That looks typical of an older cylinder that has never been professionally cleaned.  I'm thinking a tube on the end of a vacuum may be easier.  As you stated, if the customer can't see it, then the previous owner(s) probably didn't either.  I hired Duct Doctor.  They used a truck vacuum with high pressured air to deep clean my ducts and dryers when I took over.  Took them a full day, but even the gray lint screens were white again when they were finished.

    Chris Mallam
    Norfolk VA

  • 4.  RE: Speed Queen tumbler deep clean suggestions

    Posted 06-12-2018 15:50
    Excellent info. Thank you.

    This stuff was so packed in there - that it's hard for me to believe there is a vacuum that could get it out - so, (especially because I can't afford any outside help) I'll have to keep at it this way for now. Maybe there is a combination where I can break it up a bit with the long screwdriver - and then use a vacuum.

    I also went a step further and took off the front panels - and discovered another few pounds of lint around the rollers and - in the shelf above the lint drawer. I'll have to do them all like this I think - and get them on a yearly regiment or some amount of time.


  • 5.  RE: Speed Queen tumbler deep clean suggestions

    Posted 06-13-2018 23:20
    Ivy:  Be sure your make up air intake screens and exhaust duct work is adequately sized for the Dryers and kept clean.

    Les Monthei
    Potential Investor
    Redding CA

  • 6.  RE: Speed Queen tumbler deep clean suggestions

    Posted 06-14-2018 10:37
    I don't know of any easy way to remove lint built up between the dryer drum and the back wall. The only way to clean it would be to remove the drum from the machine.  It's not too difficult but you probably won't do it just to remove lint.  I only remove the drum when I have to.  While I have the drum out I'll give the machine a good wipe down with wet rags.

    Joe C.
    Store Owner
    Happy Bubbles Laundromat
    North Hollywood, CA