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1.  Dexter WCVD Palm Pilot Software

Posted 10 days ago
Hello All...I have some older Dexter front loaders all which have the infrared communication port that allows them to communicate with a palm pilot PDA.  I have a PDA, but I cannot locate the actual palm software that allows the PDA to interface with the machines.   I called Dexter, and they directed me to a local distributor, who  because of the size of the file couldn't download it to send it to me.

Anybody know of an internet site where the software is downloadable?



Rich McMillin
Store Owner/ Employee
Olathe KS

2.  RE: Dexter WCVD Palm Pilot Software

Posted 9 days ago

I recently had to order the software from my distributor which was free but had to pay $28 in shipping!!

Store Owner/ Employee

3.  RE: Dexter WCVD Palm Pilot Software

Posted 8 days ago
Gold Coin out of NY can do it for you.  Once you get it back you can download it to your computer to save.  If the batteries in the Palm die you lose it.

Charles Measley
Store Owner/ Employee
Fluff and Fold