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VIP-120 Enzyme Detergent?

  • 1.  VIP-120 Enzyme Detergent?

    Posted 01-12-2018 14:55
    Does anybody have experience with VIP-120 Enzyme Detergent?
    VIP-120 Enzyme Detergent, 50 Lb. - Norton Supply

    I saw a reference to someone trying it in a message search, but couldn't find any update on how that went.  Just saw it on Norton while I was looking for something else and wondered if it was worth using...I don't really want to buy 50 lbs of detergent that may or may not work better than the Tide/Gain + Oxi we currently use - but I would like to find something that is a step-up from what our customers can do themselves.


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  • 2.  RE: VIP-120 Enzyme Detergent?

    Posted 01-13-2018 09:39

    Tide already has enzymes in it and is probably the best detergent you can buy, albeit a little pricey.
    When Tide is used with Oxyclean, you have a formula that is hard to beat.


    You could do some side by side experimentation by using identical white towels stained with identical stains, and wash half in tide, and half in VIP-120 to see which one works better, or if they work the same, which one costs less to use.
    Bear in mind that Tide has a lot of other important laundering ingredients such as surfactants, and optical brighteners.

    I believe ERA to be a cheaper alternative to Tide. It has nearly identical ingredients (including enzymes), but sells for about 20-25% less. I suspect those same ingredients are a lower dose though.

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