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Laundered with Kindness Day September 8, 2018

  • 1.  Laundered with Kindness Day September 8, 2018

    Posted 07-02-2018 11:36
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    Laundered with Kindness is held annually to help ease others burdens by providing wash, dry, fold, load/unload laundry, dry cleaning and donate laundry products. We target laundromats, dry cleaners and homeless facilities with the support of cleaning companies, businesses, volunteers and in-kind donations helping more families and making a larger impact.
    Companies, businesses, organizations and churches are encouraged to participate in a nation-wide kindness initiative benefitting communities, surrounding areas creating a kindness wave, so the world will get involved. Being a single parent one of the struggles parents face is basic laundry essentials. I remember as a child bundling up loads of clothes in sheets, scraping up all the loose change we could find, using the cheapest detergent and sometimes using dish soap. It was hard not having transportation, laundry supplies or money to wash or dry. Choosing between buying groceries, gas or washing clothes is a struggle many families face regarding basic essentials, including the homeless community with limited access to clean clothes and laundromats.
    Learn more at Khambrel Foundation or Facebook Event

    Tonia R Griffin, CEO & Founder
    Khambrel Foundation