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Problem Huebsch 50# Washers

  • 1.  Problem Huebsch 50# Washers

    Posted 10 days ago
    Edited by Richard Cruz 10 days ago

    I have two Huebsch  50# washers that  I've been having problems with. Once a week these washers get stuck between the rinse and spin cycle and I have to manually forward to complete the wash. Has Anyone experienced this problem before? Please advise what I can do to get this Resolved.
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    Posted 10 days ago
    Going to assume that these are Mechanical Timers and not Electronic Timers, although the source could be the same.
    Mechanical Timer Washers have a wiring thru the water level switch that only allows the motor to run in the Extract Speed (spin) when the washer is Empty of water.
    If the washer has water in it, or is signaling it has water in it, the contacts inside the water level switch remain open.
    The timer will remain in the wash speed for how ever long it takes.
    When the washer empties,the closed contacts inside the water level switch allow the timer to advance, and the extract contacts to close, the Extract Contactor (relay) receives power, and the contactor closes the circuit to the extract winding in the motor,
    The motor spins at high speed.

    Things to check;
    Is the drain open?
    is there water in the washer?
    is the water draining slowly?
    is the anything clogging the drain line from under the washer all the way back to the main drain line?
    Is the water level switch tube clear, from the port on the sump, or the rear of the washer?
    (this often get clogged with silt and debris),
    is the air chamber on the hose clear?
    is the air chamber in the vertical or near vertical position?
    is the tube clear up to the water level switch?
    does the water level switch "click" twice when blown into,
    and click twice when released?

    trace the wiring back from the Extract Contactor to the level switch,
    remove those pair of wires (in and out) from the level switch, and with VOM, test for a Closed Circuit, or Continuity, on those contacts on the switch, when the switch is Un-pressurized,
    and an Open Circuit when the switch is Pressurized, or blown in to.
    Trade the switch with a known good unit and watch to see if the problem moves to that washer, or goes away.

    Timers on Alliance based equipment seldom go bad, it happens, but not often,
    Check for Everything Else before suspecting the timer unit.

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