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Iron - Steam press for WDF

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    Posted 5 days ago

    Purchased another mat in August that has WDF service for both personal accounts (clothing) and business accounts (spas, restaurants, etc)  We recently picked up a new restaurant account doing only cloth napkins. This customer is fine with not ironing the napkins and it seems like it takes longer for the attendant to flatten the napkin vs using a steam press.

    Our goal is to grow the business accounts and feel that we could expand our prospect base if we had an iron or steam press.  Not the home hand held version but rather something more commercial w/o getting into many thousands of dollars for an industrial product (not until we determine the potential for such investment)

    To be clear, we will not offer this service for dress shirts of pants, YET if ever.

    I've seen products like the below item that run between $200 and $500.  Has anyone had experience with this or similar?  ​

    The rotary iron would be cool but a bit pricy to start


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    Posted 5 days ago
    Hi John!

    I have the the same question, interested in hearing from others...

    Shauna Earl
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    Posted 2 days ago
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    We have the same situation only pillow cases. what we did was to buy a used rotary iron from a private party. ours is only a Kenmore mangle iron from the 1950's but it works well. I found that they can be purchased on ebay or craigs list for as little as $150 to 500 depending on model and year. will do napkins quit well.
    Bruce Malone