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Right to refuse service

  • 1.  Right to refuse service

    Posted 04-04-2015 14:33

    When I purchased my laundromat, it had a sign on the wall saying "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone"  I kept the sign in place but now I question if this is legal.  

    It is of course intended to give me the right to refuse service for foul language or disrespecting property etc and we in no way is used to discriminate.

     Comments please

    Rod Lloyd
    Rainier OR

  • 2.  RE: Right to refuse service

    Posted 04-04-2015 17:19

    We had an indecent where we kicked someone out to protect other customers.  Their daughter had a few words and I went directly to my Attorney at LegalShield.  After discussing the facts and getting a legal opinion, we posted a sign that we have the right to refuse service to protect our customers and our equipment.  We are not a public entity, we are a private business as is our bathroom; reserved for customers only.

    If you'd like to know more about the services offered by LegalShield for personal and business, send me an email.

    Paul Erb
    The Laundry Spot, LLC
    Austin TX

  • 3.  RE: Right to refuse service

    Posted 04-04-2015 21:10
    its private property so you can do what every you want as long as you are not doing it for discrimination reasons

    Patrick Higgins
    Top Shelf Laundromat and Wash-n-Fold
    Clarence Ctr NY

  • 4.  RE: Right to refuse service

    Posted 04-05-2015 18:20
    Edited by Steven Matrix 04-05-2015 18:23

    But any reason you find to kick people out your store can be discriminatory.

    I discriminate against those drinking alcohol on the property.  

    I discriminate against indecent exposure if they are not dressed properly.

    I discriminate against those that bring animals into the store.

    I discriminate against bad behavior. 

    I know when I owned an apartment complex that we couldn't discriminate against age, race, gender, etc.  The discrimination rules were very clearly laid out per the Fair Housing Act, but as a retail business owner, I feel I should have the right to refuse service to one because I don't like the size of their nose... and I am unsure of which laws I would be breaking if decided to do so.  America is suppose to be a country of free-will, but those in China have more freedom than those here.

    Steven Matrix

  • 5.  RE: Right to refuse service

    Posted 04-06-2015 01:58

    Unless you live in Indiana

    Brian DeCoster
    Iowa City IA