The Coin Laundry Association launched new websites at and at in early 2019. We’ve also upgraded to a new database which contains our community users’ profiles and controls access to various parts of our digital environments. This new safe and secure system is based in Salesforce.

Some of the changes that you will find on our new website include streamlined navigation, a more modern design, an expanded events calendar, and an improved eStore experience. Your profile allows you access the CLA Connect Online Forum, and, if you are a member, allows you access to your membership benefits too. By logging into your profile, you can also renew your membership, access resources that you have purchased for download, update your contact information, and reset your password.

Your Password

If you’ve changed your password since January 31, 2019, and you can successfully log into your account, you can bypass this step.

How to Change Your Password

If you haven’t yet logged into your new profile, you’ll need to change your password. Please follow these few instructions:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your email address as your username and click the button labeled “Reset Password”.
  3. You’ll get an email in your inbox. Click the link found within that email.
  4. Enter your new password twice and press the button. You’ll then be sent to your new account where you can manage your profile.

We encourage you to check out our new eStore and upcoming CLA Connect LIVE events. Our new CLA Connect Open Forum link can be found here

We hope you will enjoy the new websites at and There’s more to come in the near future. If you need any help, please contact us by completing the form at

Don’t forget to also check out our other websites including:

Get Info in Your Inbox

The Coin Laundry Association and PlanetLaundry provide information via email to those who opt to receive emails. If you aren’t receiving email, but you are expecting to read from us, here are a few steps you can take:

  • Subscribe to PlanetLaundry: click this link to subscribe to PlanetLaundry. You can have the printed magazine sent to your address. However, you can also edit your preferences to have our Weekly eNewsletter, monthly Online Editions, or periodic eBlasts sent to your email address.
  • Get the Community Daily Digest emails: If you belong to our online community, you can receive a daily email of all of the conversations that occurred on the previous day. If you are not receiving that email, you can edit your preferences here:
  • Update Your Profile: click this link to update your profile with your email address, to change your password, to view your past purchases, and to view your membership subscriptions
  • Get a Free Marketing Workbook for Owners: if you are a current owner, we are offering a free marketing workbook. Simply compete the form on this page, and you’ll get the workbook plus you’ll be added to our mailing list.
  • Get the Coin Laundry Insider for Potential Investors: if you are new to the industry or you are researching to become a laundry owner, this resource can be of great value. 

Thank you for being part of the Coin Laundry Association Community!


The Coin Laundry Association Team