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With more than 55 years in the laundry business, we pride ourselves in providing the latest industry research and educational tools to help members navigate their own success. Make the most of your membership by utilizing these free member resources developed by industry experts. Non-members may purchase these surveys.

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Laundry Industry Survey 2020

Coin Laundry Industry Survey

Each year, CLA commissions Readex, Inc., a nationally recognized independent research company, to conduct an industry-wide survey of self-service laundry owners. The survey provides a profile of coin laundries in the United States.

Members can use this survey to learn about the typical laundry owner’s challenges, opportunities and services. Everything from the percentage of card-operated stores to expansion plans is covered. Distributors can interpret the geographic distribution breakdown to prospect future opportunities for your customers.

This survey and corresponding raw data are available as free downloads for members and the survey is available for purchase for non-members. Access the current survey.

PRICE: $89

6-Year CLA Industry Survey Bundle 330px

Six-Year Survey Bundle

Want to Compare This Year’s Survey to Past Surveys? We thought you might want to do that.

For a historically low price, you can now get a bundle of the last six years’ CLA Industry Surveys by Readex Research for just $199 (a $995 value). (CLA Members already have these free in the resource library.)

Purchase this bundle of past surveys from 2013-2019, and you’ll have access to the results of the last five years’ of laundry industry reports. (Free for CLA Members)

PRICE: $199


Laundry Customer Survey

The Laundry Customer Profile is the only survey of it’s kind. Demographics of both laundry customers and nonusers are compared in this survey. Findings represent the dollar amount spent per week on laundry, washing frequency, distance to laundry and reasons for using a self-serve laundry. Use this research tool in conjunction with a Demographic Report and the Industry Survey to interpret the viability of a laundry in the area you’ve selected.

In-Depth Laundry Industry White Papers

The CLA publishes several white papers that identify and address key topics relevant to the laundry industry. The white papers are a valuable member resource that provide best practices and knowledge from experts in the industry.

The white papers cover topics, such as equipment replacement, site selection, valuation of a laundromat, financing, negotiating leases, sustainability and green laundries, and more.

All white papers can be downloaded free of charge for CLA members in the members-only library and purchased in the online store for $39 each (a $99 value) for non-members.

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Impact Fees White Paper product image

Water and Sewer Impact Fees White Paper

Understand and navigate the oftentimes confusing world of sewer and water impact fees assessed on laundry businesses.

Wi-fi White Paper product image

Secure Wi-Fi Basics for Laundry Owners White Paper

Learn the basics of setting up a secure wireless network at your laundry business including equipment, configurations, and choosing an ISP.

Garment Care White Paper product image

Garment Care and Stain Removal Basics for Laundry Owners

This helpful resource is designed to help laundry owners to provide the proper guidance to attendants and staff during the washing and drying process. 

Best Practices for Due Diligence Acquisitions

Best Practices for Due Diligence in Laundromat Acquisitions

This paper will offer prospective buyers a set of basic tools to use to corroborate the information provided by the seller. 

Demographic Analysis and Site Selection

Demographic Analysis & Site Selection

This paper provides a closer look at what demographic data and site-selection criteria investors should focus on.

How to Value a Coin Laundry

How to Value a Coin Laundry

This white paper will walk you through valuation methods, factors that impact the valuation process, due diligence and much more.

How to Value a Coin Laundry

The Laundry Owner's Guide to Leases

This white paper explores some of the key elements that laundry owners must consider when entering a lease.

Laundry Owners Guide to ADA

A Laundry Owner's Guide to the Americans With Disabilities Act

This white paper will cover your responsibilities under the ADA, employment compliance, public accommodations, and much more. 

Deciding When to Replace Laundry Equipment

Deciding When to Replace Laundry Equipment

This white paper examines what factors laundromat owners should consider when replacing costly equipment.

Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters: Environmentally Focused Initiatives for Laundries

This white paper seeks to answer what it means to be ‘green’ and discusses ways to minimize a laundry’s environmental impact.

Laundry Potential Investor White Paper Research Set

The Coin Laundry Association has curated a set of white papers specifically designed with the potential investor in mind. If you are looking into purchasing or starting a laundromat, this set of three white papers is an essential element to your search.

At an unprecedented price, this high-value set of white papers offers potential investors the opportunity to take a deeper dive into what it takes to start a self-service laundry business. The information contained helps to answer some of the important questions one needs to ask during the research process.

This bundle includes the following titles:

  • Best Practices for Due Diligence in Laundromat Acquisitions
  • Demographic Analysis & Site Selection for Self-Service Laundries
  • How to Value a Coin Laundry

Get it now for only $99 (a $300 value).


PlanetLaundry Magazine

This magazine, published by the Coin Laundry Association, is the most well-read source of news and industry information specifically for today’s self-service laundry professional.

PlanetLaundry Magazine covers the latest trends in the industry so that readers receive the business and industry knowledge they require to remain at the top of their game. This publication, available in print and online, is filled with in-depth articles, laundry profiles and the largest, most comprehensive classified advertising.

A CLA membership automatically subscribes you to the magazine, freeing you of subscription renewals and account maintenance. Others in the industry may subscribe to receive the magazine. Follow along with thousands of readers each month and you’ll quickly see why we are the industry’s leading publication.

PlanetLaundry August 2019
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