The Coin Laundry Association brings a Laundromat Business Update recorded Sep. 8, 2020. Brian Wallace, President/CEO of the CLA, created the following video to bring you up-to-speed on the latest happenings within the self-service laundry industry.

COVID-19 Update

The CLA wishes to thank all of the store owners and operators who continue to lookout for the welfare of their communities and to keep laundromats open as an essential service.

Laundry owners reported earlier in the 2nd quarter reductions in business on average of around 30% lower than normal. However, the 3rd quarter so far appears to show a rebound where the reduction in business may be 10% from normal or lower.

Laundry owners continue to exemplify the way that essential businesses should operate during the COVID-19 pandemic by increasing cleanliness in stores and enforcing social distancing.

Many entrepreneurs are also looking for opportunities to grow their enterprises with the acquisition of laundromats which have closed or expanding their operations to include other services such as pick-up & delivery laundry services.


Coin Shortage

There have been many media inquiries with the CLA regarding the coin shortage situation in the country. Laundry owners have discovered creative ways to overcome the challenges this has caused, and CLA members have been reporting that they have been connecting and working with their peers to help each other. We continue to have regular direct communication with the US Coin Task Force. It has been reported to the CLA that distribution of coins has loosened between the Federal Reserve and the banks, so more circulation of coins may be expected. A survey was sent earlier this week to laundry owners to gauge their experience with the availability of coins.

Garment Care Labels

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is considering removing the requirement for garments to have care labels. Brian has a call with the commissioner of the FTC regarding this situation. The CLA feels that this move risks damage to clothing and textiles which could place the burden of liability on laundry owners if clothes are cleaned incorrectly.

Coin Composition

The issue of Coin Composition Legislation is back. The CLA has been able to speak to three of the four sponsors of this potential bill. Historically, a hard-fought case against replacing the US Quarter has been won. But, the discussion of a replacement currency is back on the table. Currently, our position is and has been that new currency for a quarter of a dollar must retain the size and function of the quarters currently in circulation to prevent the need for retooling equipment which operates using quarters. We are keeping a close eye on this proposed legislation.

Laundry Tax

We feel that 2021 will be a roller-coaster ride regarding sales tax on services as states reevaluate their budgets. There may be repeals on the exemption of sales tax on self-service laundry. The Coin Laundry Association is dedicated to helping laundry owners and their patrons remain exempt from this tax, so being a CLA member is certainly an important way to help us in our advocacy efforts.

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