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Laundry Valuation Whitepaper

How To Value A Coin LaundryValuing a coin laundry is part art and part science. No two laundries are exactly alike, nor are the micro-markets that they serve. 

The key to a successful valuation process is to acknowledge that it does not produce a valuation that is cut in stone - it's simply a starting point from which a buyer and seller can seek common ground. 

This whitepaper walks through valuation methods, factors that impact the valuation process, mistakes to avoid, the role a broker plays within the buying and selling process, due diligence and much more. 

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How to Value a Coin Laundry.

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John Vassiliades, President of J. Vassiliades & Company

Member Resource

Watch John Vassiliades, President of J. Vassiliades & Company discuss laundry valuation. 

What's a Laundry Worth & How to Prove it

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