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The Coin Laundry Association has collaborated with BizBuySell to help buyers and sellers of laundromats connect.

Laundromats for Sale

If you’re selling your store, make sure to download your free members-only copy to Guide to Selling Your Small Business. Produced by BizBuySell, the most active online marketplace for businesses and franchises for sale, this guide provides an overview and step-by-step instructions to follow as you prepare to exit your business by selling it to a new owner.

When you are ready to begin marketing your business for sale, count on BizBuySell to drive you the most leads from potential buyers. With over 150,000 registered buyers and over 825,000 monthly visitors, BizBuySell maximizes your chances to have a quick sale. Your business-for-sale listing will be placed on over 150 partner websites, including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, and PlanetLaundry. CLA members receive an exclusive member discount  of 10% off BizBuySell monthly listing services.

BizBuySell Member Discount

Retail Price Range: $139.95 – $199.95 (2 month listing)
CLA member discount of 10%: $125.95 – 179.95 (2 month listing)

To use this discount, CLA members should use the PROMO Code found in the members-only resource library.

BizBuySell Valuation Reports

Want to understand the value of your laundry business? Use the BizBuySell Valuation Report Tool to gain insights into the selling prices of comparable businesses and to determine a likely asking price for your business. Through this report, you can see actual transaction prices (comps) for recently sold businesses like yours, and filter the results based on business category, earnings, revenue and/or geographic region.

BizBuySell Valuation Discount

Retail price range: $19.95-$59.95
CLA member discount of 10%: $17.95 – $53.95

To use this discount, CLA members should use the PROMO Code in the members-only resource library.

Laundry Valuation White Paper

How to Value a Coin Laundry

Valuing a coin laundry is part art and part science. No two laundries are exactly alike, nor are the micro-markets that they serve. The key to a successful valuation process is to acknowledge that it does not produce a valuation that is cut in stone – it’s simply a starting point from which a buyer and seller can seek common ground.

This white paper walks through valuation methods, factors that impact the valuation process, mistakes to avoid, the role a broker plays within the buying and selling process, due diligence and much more.

CLA members can access How to Value a Coin Laundry in the members-only resource library.

Guide to Selling Your Small Business

Guide to Selling Your Small Business

Produced by BizBuySell, the largest online marketplace for businesses for sale, and written in conjunction with Barbara Findlay Schenck, author of best-selling business books including Selling Your Business For Dummies, this guide provides a comprehensive overview of the small business sales process including advice and step-by-step instructions to help maximize selling success. The guide includes information on: preparing your business to insure a successful sale; maximizing the value of your business; and learning what’s involved in marketing, financing and closing the sale.