Master Classes for Laundry Owners

Attend a trio of online master classes featuring international speaker Michael Angelo Caruso!

Special Offer: Buy all 3 master classes for one low price – $99 for members ($129 for non-members).

Learn tools and techniques to grow your business with less stress and more energy

We at CLA hope that you and yours are healthy and ready for things to get back to normal. Meanwhile, we’ve assembled a trio of online master classes featuring Michael Angelo Caruso. You may recall that Michael was to keynote the Excellence in Laundry Conference in San Diego which unfortunately was cancelled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Each session is only $50 for CLA members ($60 for non-members), or you can get all three sessions for one low price of $99 ($129 for non-members). 

All of these master classes include:

  • Amazing content
  • Educational and entertaining delivery
  • A free special report with a deeper dive on that topic

Michael speaks on these three topics all over the world, and we are sure that you will love his educational and entertaining style. The three master classes are as follows:

Purchase All 3 Sessions and Save

You can access all three master classes for one low price. $99 for CLA members or $129 for non-members.

Less Stress

Session #1:  Working Under Pressure – Making the Most from Challenges and Stress

The best way to deal with stress is to prevent it.  Of course, some stress is unavoidable, so you need to know the best strategies for staying in control and not being impacted by negative emotions such as anxiety, anger and even fear.  You’ll learn stress-busting techniques including power language for dealing with stressful situations at work and at home.  This class gives you strategies for coping with difficult people and how to make deadlines your friend.  As a bonus: you’ll get some Jedi-mind tricks to help you stay positive and upbeat even on challenging days.

  • Never let your business get the best of you
  • Get 3 keys to managing stress
  • Understand why stress gets to some people, but not to others
  • Refuse delivery on that sinking feeling
  • Adapt “habit replacement”
  • Say “so long” to negative people
  • Learn 9 ways to cope with a stressful day
  • Make deadlines your friend

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Session #2: Smart Marketing During Pandemics and Down Markets

Down economies call for clever marketing strategies.  This session will cover dozens of ways to get the word out about your great business without having to hire a team of professionals or spend a lot of money.  Get best practices for low-tech marketing via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even LinkedIn) without spending tons of time online.  Use a simple, yet under-utilized technique to “sell without selling.”  Learn how to make easy website tweaks so you get seen more often by the right people.

  • Build your email list faster than ever
  • Use a special Facebook feature to create a super-loyal online community
  • Generate content in seconds
  • Get local businesses to support you
  • Use Twitter to get media attention for your business
  • Get more attention to your business by getting people to pay attention to something else
  • Learn “secrets” for using bulk e-mail to increase foot traffic and revenue

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Marketing Strategy
Self Care

Session #3: Self-Care Is Not Self-Ish: How to Feel Good Almost Every Day

You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself.  Yet, busy entrepreneurs often adopt unhealthy “shortcuts” to get through the day.  You really are what you eat–and what you think, so the mind/body connection is really important.  Most business owners never figure this out, so set yourself apart by attending this great session on how to take even better care of yourself.  Attend this session and learn how to feel good almost every day.

Rene Pothetes head shot 2017 red dress 300X400Nutrition expert, Rene Pothetes, has volunteered to do a segment on how business owners often work against themselves by eating the exact wrong kinds of foods.

  • Make smarter choices about what you put into your body
  • Get restful, restorative sleep every night
  • Stop eating food that’s causing you to feel bad
  • Do all of this WITHOUT sacrificing your quality of life
  • Make easy changes to what you eat that will have HUGE impact on your health
  • Learn simple tricks for movement that keep you fit
  • Find peace with food forever!

Buy this video now buy clicking the button below. This event replay video is included in your purchase of all three master classes.

Special Offer - Purchase all 3 master classes for only $99

Get all three sessions and save up to 33%!

Meet Your Speaker

Michael Angelo Caruso teaches people how to be better speakers and presenters so they can help more people and amp up their careers. 

He utilizes his unique background in the technology sector and a separate career in the entertainment business to deliver keynote speeches that feel like a combination of your best teacher and your favorite comedian.

Michael delivers about 70 presentations and keynote speeches a year.  He has spoken on five continents and in 49 of the 50 states.   

Michael is known for getting extremely fast results with his clients.  He can make anyone a better communicator and regularly demonstrates his effective communication strategies by helping audience members improve during his presentation.    

Caruso is founder and President of Edison House, an international consulting firm specializing in corporate and personal improvement.  Edison House clients include Hallmark, Bank of America, Verizon Wireless, Rayovac, Citgo, Nissan and the United States Navy.   

Michael has authored Work Hacks, the audiobook, Dear Michael Angelo — A Father’s Life Letters to His Son and the Present Like a Pro DVD.  All are available at  He also has a highly-rated  online speaker coaching master class titled, Present Like a Pro.

A lifetime Rotarian, Michael loves giving back.  He enjoys exercise, movies, non-fiction books and travel.