Kits for Potential Investors

Who wants to own a laundry business?

If you answered, “I do” or even “I think I do,” this page is built for you.

We’ve curated three affordable and impactful packages to help would-be laundry entrepreneurs to make the best decisions on this, one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

Are You a Laundry Entrepreneur?

All business owners get their start somewhere. We have seen laundry owners come from all walks of life, and we’re proud to have helped thousands achieve business success. The Coin Laundry Association strives to provide potential investors in the laundry industry the information and resources they need to make responsible and prudent decisions. Learn how to start a laundromat business the right way. The due-dilligence process is an important phase of owning a laundry business, and we seek to make it as easy and accessible as possible by bundling together our most popular resources at a reduced cost.

Choose from three custom-created kits of our high-quality products and services below to make your journey toward buying or building a coin laundry business today.

Kits Tailored Just for You!

Instant Expert

Potential Investor Kit – Instant Expert

The Instant Expert Kit is tailored for entrepreneurs who demand knowledge NOW! If you seek the ultimate guide to owning a laundromat with input from industry experts and veteran owners, this kit provides you with access to a comprehensive set of tools to help you along the way including a 30-minute consulting session with an industry expert.

This kit is only $399 (a value over $670). This is a downloadable product plus a 6-month subscription to our CLA Connect Community at

Deeper Dive

Potential Investor Kit – Deeper Dive

The Deeper-Dive Kit was designed for potential investors who are really getting serious about making some decisions for the next step in the process. If you are looking for data about laundromat ownership and want to take your research to the next level, this kit provides you with a robust set of information products to help boost your chances for success.

This kit is only $299 (a value over $600). This is a downloadable product plus a 6-month subscription to our CLA Connect Community at

First Look

Potential Investor Kit – First Look

The First-Look Kit is our entry-level starter package for people who are dipping their toes in the water to learn about the vended laundry industry. If you’ve been bit by the entrepreneurial bug and want to learn about what it takes to own a laundromat, this provides you with the essentials.

This kit is only $149 (a value over $400). This is a downloadable product plus a 6-month subscription to our CLA Connect Community at

Each Kit Comes with Our Book, Today’s Laundromat!

Demystify the laundry business with the definitive book on starting in the vended laundry industry ($49 value).

Today's Laundromat Book

Today’s Laundromat

Coin Laundry Association’s Official Guide to Getting Started in the Laundry Business

Today’s Laundromat is one of the primary sources that potential investors use to research the industry. Covering everything from inspecting an existing laundry to closing the deal, this book will guide you through basics of starting a self-service laundry. There are many sources available on starting a laundromat, but this book is written by the premier association for laundromat owners, the Coin Laundry Association, and provides a credible source of information provided by successful professionals in the industry.

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PRICE: $49 – Included in each kit!

Each Kit Also Includes the CLA Connect Community

Connect, learn, and share with laundry professionals located throughout the world in the largest laundry industry community online.
Your purchase provides you with a 6-month subscription to this vibrant group of industry peers who are eager to help you on your path to business ownership!

Choose Your Destiny!

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I really appreciate all the information I’ve found. The resources offered have made my research much smoother.

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Laundry Researcher

CLA is everything you want in an association. It’s a must for any coin laundry owner or potential investor.

Todd F.

Owner, Coral Way Lavanderia