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Are you interested in starting a new self-service laundry business?

A laundromat could be the right investment to make for your future. Since 1960, the Coin Laundry Association has helped entrepreneurs and potential laundromat investors like you make the best decisions possible. The due-dilligence process is an important phase of owning a laundry business, and we seek to make it as easy and accessible as possible.

Check out our selection of high-quality products and services to help you to do your research on owning a laundry operation.

White Papers

Laundry Potential Investor White Paper Research Set

The Coin Laundry Association has curated a set of white papers specifically designed with the potential investor in mind. If you are looking into purchasing or starting a laundromat, this set of three white papers is an essential element to your search.

At an unprecedented price, this high-value set of white papers offers potential investors the opportunity to take a deeper dive into what it takes to start a self-service laundry business. The information contained helps to answer some of the important questions one needs to ask during the research process. This is a $300 value. (Free for CLA Members)

PRICE: $99

White paper bundle for potential laundry investors

Designing a Successful Business Plan

Plan Your Work… Work Your Plan: Creating a Comprehensive Laundromat Business Plan.

A business plan’s main purpose is to serve as a road map, as well as to set realistic expectations for the business. Creating a plan is also a compulsory exercise hat one needs to perform in order to secure funding and ensure the success of the enterprise. As the saying goes: “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

In the pages within this resource, potential laundromat operators will gain a basic understanding of the main purposes for creating a laundromat business plan, and learn about the key elements that should be included in a detailed, carefully researched and well-formulated plan.

This is a $99 value. (Free for CLA Members)

PRICE: $39

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Laundry Industry Surveys

24th Annual Industry Survey

Learn the latest information from our poll to CLA members and non-members who are store owners in the laundry business.

For over twenty years, the Coin Laundry Association commissions Readex Research, a nationally recognized independent research company, to conduct an industry-wide survey of self-service laundry owners. The purpose of the survey is to compose a profile of today’s retail self-service laundries in the United States. (Free for CLA Members)

PRICE: $89

Laundry Industry Survey 2020
6-Year CLA Industry Survey Bundle 330px

Six-Year Survey Bundle

Want to Compare This Year’s Survey to Past Surveys? We thought you might want to do that.

For a historically low price, you can now get a bundle of the last six years’ CLA Industry Surveys by Readex Research for just $199 (a $995 value). (CLA Members already have these free in the resource library.)

Purchase this bundle of past surveys from 2013-2019, and you’ll have access to the results of the last five years’ of laundry industry reports. (Free for CLA Members)

PRICE: $199


Demographics Reports

Don’t Purchase a Laundry Without One

When researching store locations for your laundry or reviewing existing operations, a demographic report is a critical tool to ensure that the population can support a laundromat. CLA has collaborated with IdealSpot to offer a custom template specific to the self-service laundry industry.

CLA Connect Community

Connect, learn, and share with laundry professionals located throughout the world in the largest laundry industry community online. Subscribe today for just $9.97 per month.


Why Choose the Coin Laundry Business

Why Choose the Laundry Business?

Are you an entrepreneur looking for a new business venture? Do you want the opportunity to give back to a community while earning a return on your investment? Then, the self-service laundry industry may be for you.
Join CLA for this program for potential investors who are considering opening a laundromat.

Member Price: $25
Non-member price: $49

Demographics Data

Turning Demographic Data into Dollars

Laundromats are driven by the density and characteristics of the immediate, local population. CLA's President/CEO Brian Wallace will help viewers understand and interpret key demographic characteristics and how to use this information when looking at potential locations for a new store.

Member Price: $15
Non-member price: $29

A Day in the Life of a Laundromat

A Day in the Life of a Laundromat

What does it take to operate your own self-service laundry? 
Learn from three store owners the nuts and bolts of running a successful store. They will share what a typical day looks like and the improvements they have made over time. A must-have for first-time owners!

Member Price: $25
Non-member price: $49


Pros and Cons of Buying and Retooling a Laundromat

There are two ways to jump into the self-service laundry industry: constructing a brand-new store or searching for existing laundries that are for sale in your area. This program will focus on the pros and cons of buying an existing laundry &  what every prospective owner should know.

Member Price: $25
Non-member price: $49

Choosing the Right Site for Your Laundromat

Choosing the Right Site for Your Laundromat

During this program, panelists will discuss the importance of demographics in the self-service laundry business; the need for a professional demographic analysis of potential sites; key demographic characteristics and why they are important; and how to review results of a demographic survey.

Member Price: $25
Non-member price: $49

Laundromat Lease

Anatomy of a Laundromat Lease

Watch this program to learn what makes a laundromat lease different from other retail stores and the key elements that should be included in your lease for the long-term success of your business. Presented by Karl Hinrichs, Owner, HK Laundry Equipment.

Member Price: $15
Non-member Price: $29


Pros and Cons of Building a New Laundromat

There are two ways to get into the self-service laundry industry: construct a brand-new store or search for existing laundries for sale in your area. This program will focus on the pros and cons of constructing a new laundry from the ground up and the steps involved from beginning to store opening.

Member Price: $25
Non-member price: $49

Financing Your First Laundromat

Financing Your First Laundromat

During this program, we will present information on the typical costs of starting your first laundromat; a basic self-service laundry loan; sources of financing; and the basics of developing a persuasive business plan. The panelists will share what they learned along the way and advice on how to get started.

Member Price: $25
Non-member price: $49

Clean 2019 Panel Discussion

Due Diligence Panel Discussion

On Day 3 of The Clean Show 2019, PlanetLaundry Editor Bob Nieman hosted a panel discussion "Due Diligence: Preparing to Buy (or Sell) Your Next Laundromat" with Carol Dang of Elite Business Investments Corp., Bob Eisenberg of BFE Consulting Group, LLC, Daryl Johnson of Giant Wash Coin Laundry, and Bill Kelson of Statewide Laundry Equipment.

Member Price: $10
Non-member Price: $20

Laundry Equipment & Services Directory

Search our nationwide directory of Distributor and Manufacturer members to find the supplier you need for
the equipment, supplies, and services you need in your vended laundry business.

Printed Materials

Today's Laundromat Book

Today’s Laundromat

Coin Laundry Association’s Official Guide to Getting Started in the Laundry Business

Today’s Laundromat is one of the primary sources that potential investors use to research the industry. Covering everything from inspecting an existing laundry to closing the deal, this book will guide you through basics of starting a self-service laundry. There are many sources available on starting a laundromat, but this book is written by the premier association for laundromat owners, the Coin Laundry Association, and provides a credible source of information provided by successful professionals in the industry.

Shipping is based on the USPS flat rate fee and will be added to your total during the checkout process.

PRICE: $49

New Laundromat Entrepreneur

Get the Free Guide to the Laundry Industry That Will Help You Navigate Your Start-Up!

This Coin Laundry Association publishes a concise laundry industry overview as a magazine-style resource which will be mailed to your doorstep. It’s chock-full of useful information as a starter for your laundry-ownership journey.

The CLI is the definitive FREE handbook for potential investors interested in purchasing or building a laundromat. Learn what you need to know from the professionals at the CLA.


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