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Latest Laundry Industry News & Information about COVID-19

The Coin Laundry Association continues to keep a watchful eye on the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic and how it affects laundry professionals and their businesses. Each week, we’ve been posting new information, news updates, and helpful links to keep you informed and to help you to navigate this ever-changing situation. 

Rest assured, the CLA is taking every precaution to ensure the safety of our own staff and partners, exercising social distancing and remaining compliant with the “Shelter at Home” order here in our home state of Illinois.

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Latest Video

The CLA’s President/CEO Brian Wallace delivers regular video updates to share. Each video is accompanied by a blog post with the latest information. You can read the blogs in the sidebar of this page. Click the video below to watch the latest video in this series.

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Webinars and Education

In our ongoing efforts to provide up-to-date, in-depth, and helpful information to the laundry professional community, we are also hosting webinar events, usually with special guest panelists. You’ll find the latest of these events below.

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Past Events

Essential in These States

The following map indicates the latest information we have regarding which states are allowing laundromats to remain open as essential businesses to the infrustucture of the community.

States Laundromats are Deemed Essential


Our mission is to provide our laundry community with the best information and guidance available from authoritative sources – and to do so on a regular basis. CLA has created and curated resources to be utilized during this time. Click the links below to access these resources.