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  • Hey all, So i have a few Huebsch HWT110WC washers in my store.  One of them will fill, go through the first part of the cycle, but when it gets to the first drain, it just stops.  It wont move or drain the water out.  I do all the work myself here, but ...

  • Our biggest question is "my clothes are already washed or in washer  how much would you charge to dry and fold" but we get a call from someone about once a month "we have washer # And (some good excuse) could you dry them and we will pay the dryer cost" ...

  • Hi Paulie,  Greetings from.Atlanta. Headed back to New Orleans as we speak.  Sorry about typos.  Communicating via smart phones & trying to send prior to take off...  Yes agree lack of interest will certainly result in loss of focus attention etc which ...

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    RE: POS Systems

    Thank you!  What have you seen as the positives and negatives to the WDF POS? ------------------------------ Matthew Maggiore Store Owner/ Employee ------------------------------

  • No argument there Juan. I totally agree. Especially with your last paragraph! There are a few causes for mat neglect, lack of interest being just one.  ------------------------------ Paulie B Multiple Mat Owner since 1976 New York City, NY -------- ...


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