A message from Brian Wallace, President/CEO:

All of a sudden it’s May and we’re seeing the welcome signs of spring – your laundries are providing a critical service to your communities and giving your customers a sense of continuity and support.  I’m so proud of your effort, perseverance and the care you’re showing to your customers and employees.

This week, I would like to talk about the future.  The return to the new normal is clouded by much uncertainty – but now’s the time to think ahead and do our best to anticipate the challenges as well as the new opportunities. What do you think are some of the silver linings and down-economy opportunities presented by these historic times?

  1. Will there be more demand for our services based on a greater demand for hygiene and cleanliness?
  2. Will there be more renter-occupied households and families living at the economic levels traditionally served by our industry?
  3. Will there be more favorable locations becoming available at better lease prices as other service and retail businesses fail to thrive?
  4. Will marginal laundromats sitting on good-to-great locations hit the market ready for you to purchase and retool?
  5. Will this pandemic accelerate existing industry trends such as increasing demand for WDF and delivery? Contactless payment systems? Larger capacity washers? Remote management?
  6. Will the awful unemployment trends expand the pool of job candidates for your laundry business?
  7. Will the enhanced reputation earned by the laundromat industry during this pandemic yield dividends for years to come? I’ll answer that one now – yes.  The way that you have risen to the occasion as an essential business will forever improve and sustain a better perception of our business – and you have earned it.

What did I miss or get wrong?  Please reach out and let me know what you think – find me at brian@coinlaundry.org.

For next week’s update, I’ll share some of the results of our COVID-19 survey of laundromat owners and the impact of this crisis.  If you haven’t yet participated in the survey, please add your voice by this Friday. That’s it for this week. I wish you the best of health and success while we navigate these new waters together.