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Digital Transformation - Technology Talk at Excellence 2018

AllianceAt this year's 2018 Excellence in Laundry Conference in Naples, FL, attendees will receive education and training from world-class experts within their concentration area in business. One of this year's keynote speakers is R “Ray” Wang, the Principal Analyst, Founder, and Chairman of Silicon Valley based Constellation Research, Inc.

We are pleased to announce Ray's topic of discussion which is being sponsored by Alliance Laundry Systems (

Digital Transformation - New Business Models Ahead

Ray Wang

We’re standing at the dawn of a digital business revolution, but we barely realize it. As with the beginning of every revolution, those in the midst of it can feel it, sense it, and realize that something big is happening. Yet it’s hard to quantify the shift. The data isn’t clear. From how we interact with each other to how we engage with organizations, the shift is right in front of us. However, organizations usually react to change by denying, delaying, and disparaging — a key reason why 52 percent of the Fortune 500 have been merged, acquired, gone bankrupt, or fallen off the list since 2000.

Digital business disruption is no longer an option—it’s a necessity. Social, organizational, and technology shifts require a new way of thinking about business, one that leverages a digital DNA to deliver experiences and outcomes, and to transition from selling products to keeping brand promises. Learn how digital transformation allows you to use digital to disrupt instead of become one of the disrupted.

Understand how new technologies such as IOT, AR/VR, AI, can grow top line revenue, optimize costs, and improve customer experience. Learn what are the components required to build a successful new business model and transition from products to services and services to experiences. Discover the secrets to success in crafting new business models at scale.

Join R “Ray” Wang (@rwang0), head of Silicon Valley-based Constellation Research and best selling author of the Harvard Business Review Press book, Disrupting Digital Business, as he shares practical guidance on how to jump start growth with AI driven smart services.

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