Washlava Partners with Campus Card Vendor

By PlanetLaundry Staff, CLA Member posted 09-11-2018 15:53

college.jpgCampus card vendor CBORD has entered into an exclusive partnership with laundry solutions provider Washlava. The agreement’s intent is to deploy Washlava’s laundry reader and backend system on college campuses across the U.S.

“Washlava is an advanced technology that lets users reserve and pay for vended laundry machines with their smartphones,” explained Todd Belveal, CEO of Washlava. “We are just beginning our campus expansion, hence our partnership with CBORD. In 2016 and 2017, a live pilot was conducted on the campus of the University of Florida, with Washlava technology on LG machines. The results were off the charts.”

In the University of Florida pilot, students exclusively used Washlava, and in exit surveys expressed a 12-to-1 preference for the new technology over coins and cards.

“Most people tell me that Washlava is a no-brainer for college laundries,” Belveal said. “The empirical data we gathered supports that position. It’s what students want, and frankly, what they expect.”

Following its early successes in laundromat environments and a proof-of-concept on a college campus, Washlava is now prepped for the university market at a larger scale, thanks to its partnership with CBORD.

“CBORD is currently Washlava’s only partner that accepts campus card accounts as a payment method,” said Sue Chaffee of CBORD. “A CBORD or Washlava representative will work directly with the campus to plan their deployment.”

An installation charge that covers hardware is coupled with a flat per-transaction fee. The platform is available to any campus, but only CBORD campuses can use the student ID card as the primary, or exclusive, method of payment in the app. Non-CBORD campuses can use only credit or debit cards.

Washlava is eager to provide an on-demand formula not typically seen in campus laundries.

“The platform offers students real-time visibility into machine availability, the ability to hold a machine for a few minutes so that they have time to get to the laundry room and real-time notifications when their laundry is done, along with seamless payments, receipts and transaction history,” Belveal noted. “It’s more than just providing digital payments. The system brings a high level of control and support to both students and administrators, making laundry less of a chore.”

“Washlava is an ideal solution for any university laundry operation, but what’s intriguing is how the deployment might change after using Washlava for a short time,” Chaffee added. “The reporting offers transparency and helps universities better manage their operations. If used to their advantage, the technology can drive more cycles through fewer machines, helping to improve efficiency and eliminate laundry frustration.”