WashClub Offers ‘White Label’ Software with No Upfront Costs

By PlanetLaundry Staff, CLA Member posted 01-03-2018 16:23

On-demand laundry and drycleaning service provider WashClub has announced that it will license WashClubTrak – the company’s pickup and delivery software in the U.S. – to vended laundry and drycleaning operators at no upfront cost. This will enable store owners to have their own branded apps in Apple’s iTunes store for iOS and Google’s Play store for Android, a driver’s app for logistics, and a mobile- and tablet-responsive designed website – with no startup costs.

In addition, the company is offering Google AdWords advertising to operators risk-free for the first 12 months. WashClub guarantees that any revenue generated by pickup and delivery through WashClubTrak will be greater than the operator’s spend with Google AdWords; if not, WashClub will rebate the difference back to the store owner.

“Our software, WashClubTrak, was purposely built to increase revenue for laundry and drycleaning operators by easily offering pickup and delivery services to their new and existing customers,” said WashClub President Rick Rome. “We firmly believe that all operators should not be marginalized by technology, but should embrace it – and what better way to help operators than by giving it to them at no upfront cost?”

The WashClubTrak concept originated with WashClub NYC in 2010, which transformed itself from a neighborhood laundromat into New York City’s largest online pickup and delivery service. According to WashClub, the software has been designed to seamlessly integrate into any existing operation.


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