Business Bio: Green Bay Express Laundry

By Bob Nieman, CLA Member posted 10-29-2018 15:16

Steve Dietzen
Green Bay Express Laundry
Green Bay, Wis.

Before Getting into the Laundry Business…

Steve also owns and operates three pawn shops in Wisconsin.

Store Opening

February 7, 2018

Business Hours

6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


Four part-time attendants

Total Square Footage

3,000 square feet

Parking Availability

20 parking spaces

Lease or Own?

Steve owns the retail center, which features his Express Laundry Center adjacent to one of his Fast-N-Easy Pawn locations.

The Building

Green Bay Express Laundry Center was built from the ground up at the same time as the side-by-side, 9,000-square-foot pawn shop.

The Construction Process

The project took seven months to complete and cost $600,000.

Turns Per Day


Utility Costs

Utility costs represent 15 percent of the business’ gross sales.


There are four other vended laundry businesses in the marketplace.

Payment Options

Coins, credit/debit cards and loyalty cards

Washers and Dryers

10 Continental 20-pound soft-mount frontloaders, $3.00
8 Continental 40-pound soft-mount frontloaders, $4.50
4 Continental 60-pound soft-mount frontloaders, $6.00
4 Continental 75-pound hard-mount frontloaders, $7.50
10 Continental 30-pound stack dryers, 25 cents for eight minutes
7 Continental 45-pound stack dryers, 25 cents for six minutes

Water Heating System

2 A.O. Smith water heaters

Card System

1 FasCard card system

Bill Changers

1 American Changer AC1005 changer
1 American Changer AC2005C, with bill recycler

Laundry Carts

12 R&B Wire Products laundry carts

Folding Tables

10 customized, four- by eight-foot, stainless steel folding tables


Porcelain tile flooring


LED high bay light fixtures

Beverage/Snack/Laundry Vending

Vend-Rite Manufacturing Vision vending machine (soda, 75 cents; candy and snacks, 75 cents to $1.25; laundry products, $1 to $3)


6 36-inch televisions

Additional Amenities

• Free Wi-Fi access for customers
• Video poker machines
• Curbside loading and unloading

Finance Company

Eastern Funding, New York City, (877) 819-1764


Belson Company, Green Bay, Wis., (920) 499-1451