Business Bio: Bam's Coin Laundry

By Bob Nieman, CLA Member posted 06-29-2018 10:18

Billy and Melissa Blaylock
Bam’s Coin Laundry
Anniston, Ala.

Other Locations

Pell City, Springville and Childersburg, Ala.

Before Getting into the Laundry Business…

Billy and Melissa both continue to work for the Honda Motor Company.

Store Openings

The couple’s first store in Pell City opened in January of 2016, the second location in Childersburg opened October 2017, the third laundry in Springville opened this past February, and the Anniston store opened in May.

Business Hours

24 hours


Bam’s employs part-time and full-time attendants, as well as a part-time cleaning staff.

Total Square Footage

The four laundries range in size from 1,250 to 2,500 square feet.

Parking Availability

The stores feature one parking spot per 150 square feet of laundromat space.

Lease or Own?

The newest location in Anniston has a seven-year lease, with two seven-year options.

The Buildings

The Blaylocks’ stores are remodels of existing buildings; none of them had previously been laundromats. The length of the renovation process for their vended laundries varied between 60 days and 120 days, depending on the permitting process and the municipality.


The costs, including equipment, ranged from $250,000 to $450,000.

Turns Per Day

3 to 3.5

Utility Costs

Depending on the specific municipality, the utility costs represent about 18 percent to 22 percent of the stores’ gross sales.


The competition ranges from three other stores within a given marketplace to no competing laundries at all.

Payment Options

The Blaylocks accept only cash at their first three stores. In the new Anniston location, they accept debit, credit and EBT cards, as well as coins.

Washers and Dryers

LG 22-pound frontloaders, $3.00
LG 35-pound frontloaders, $4.50
ADC 40-pound frontloaders, $5.50
ADC 60-pound frontloaders, $6.50
ADC 80-pound frontloaders, $8.75
ADC 30-pound stack dryers, 75 cents to start for 15 minutes; 25 cents for each additional five minutes
ADC 45-pound stack dryers, $1.00 to start; 25 cents for each additional three minutes
ADC 80-pound dryers, $1.50 to start for 15 minutes; $1.50 for each additional 15 minutes

Water Heating System

Rinnai 199,000 BTU tankless water heating system – two to three units per store

Card System

ESD card system

Bill Changers

American Changer bill changers

Laundry Carts

R&B Wire Products laundry carts – six to eight per store

Folding Tables



Ceramic tile


LED bulbs

Soap Vending

1 Vend-Rite Manufacturing soap vending machine, $1.00 per box

Beverage Vending

1 beverage vending machine (Pepsi), 75 cents per drink


2 42-inch televisions

Wash-Dry-Fold Service

$1.25 per pound; 10-pound minimum

Additional Amenities

• Customer loyalty program – after 12 washes, the 13th wash is free
• Drop-off drycleaning service (coming soon)

Finance Company

Eastern Funding, New York City, (212) 819-2000


SaveMore Commercial Laundry Equipment, Southside, Ala., (256) 485-1259