Laundry Industry Advocacy

CLA Serves and Protects the Laundry Business

One of the core benefits of a CLA membership is having the assurance that your business – and your industry – is being well represented and protected.

The CLA, along with its legislative partner MultiState Associates, monitor local, state and national issues that could affect your self-service laundry. Issues like sales tax exemptions and currency changes are closely monitored on behalf of CLA members and the self-service laundry industry.

Laundry Industry Advocacy

CLA Supports

Stop Laundry Tax

CLA’s top legislative priority has been to protect the exemption from sales tax enjoyed by the self-service laundry industry in most states. CLA has helped laundry owners save thousands of dollars each year by making legislators understand why laundries should remain exempt. Join us in our efforts to protect your business.

Legislative Monitoring

The Coin Laundry Association has partnered with MultiState Associates, the nation’s leading government relations company, to monitor legislation in all 50 states affecting the laundry industry. Sign up for this tool to search for bills by topics, local area and much more. 

ACI Laundry Safety

The CLA and the American Cleaning Institute® (ACI) have partnered to promote laundry safety in laundromats around the country and we need your help in promoting safety messages by sharing information with your customers.