No one gets in the laundromat business for the love of doing other people’s laundry so the motivation comes in pursuit of giving great service while turning maximum profits.  Let’s look at the money-making secrets of the best laundromat owners:

  1. Be the Best Digital Marketer – Potential laundromat customers consult their smart phones first. Make sure your Google My Business listing is perfect so those looking for laundry services find you first.  CLA’s AMP Digital Marketing Service brings you the best solutions at the best price: Click here to learn more about AMP
  2. Negotiate the Best Utility Contracts – You can’t expect yourself to be an expert in buying natural gas and electricity in deregulated markets – so turn to the pros. In most markets, natural gas and/or electricity contracts may be purchased at a discount through deregulated markets but it’s nearly impossible to keep up on the latest.  Get a free quote through CLA’s Energy Management Program and connect with experts who negotiate these contracts on behalf of laundromat owners every day: Click here to start saving on Natural Gas & Electricity
  3. Lean on the Landlord for Better Terms – your lease is your key to long-term profitability and your opportunity to sell at top dollar when the time comes. The most profitable laundromat owners not only work hard to negotiate the best terms at the outset but also keep the lines of communication open throughout the life of the lease.  You never know when that landlord will be receptive to a new 5-year option or some dollars to support your remodeling project.  The time to renegotiate better terms with your landlord is ALWAYS.  CLA’s whitepaper on laundromat leases will give you a roadmap leading to a better, more profitable lease: Click here for the best laundromat lease resource ever written!
  4. Give Customers the Best and Set Prices to Match – if you have the best laundromat you’ve earned the right to charge vend prices to match. Experience tells us that most customers are looking at the total value proposition which includes cleanliness, convenience, and service – along with fair prices – when choosing their weekly laundromat destination.  Let the price shoppers go down the street.  Learn more about vend price strategy by visiting the PlanetLaundry Magazine library: Click here to unlock the best content from PlanetLaundry

Now that you know the secrets to unleashing bigger laundromat profits – take action and implement these strategies today.  CLA and PlanetLaundry are your guide to the best advice and support anywhere!