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  • “Social responsibility.” For some, the term may evoke a roll of the eyes, conjuring up images of a slightly hollow nod in the direction of feel-good displays by businesses eager to be seen in a good ...

  • As soon as the technology became available, we began offering Wi-Fi access in all of our laundry locations. And, as pricing within the marketplace has become more attractive, we have proportionally ...

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    We had our first (and hopefully last) dryer fire 11 days ago. Due to extensive smoke damage, we've brought ...

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    Standard Service will explain checking the "kill relay" program setting for the hoppers.  It seems like ...

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    Phu, hahaha....How did you get that? ------------------------------ Paulie B Store Owner/ Employee Mr ...

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    Joe, I am interested in your 50# stack Dexter.  Please contact me. Thanks, Dave (802) 318-8973 ------------------------------ DAVID BOSTWICK Store Owner/ Employee LAUNDROMAT 99 Winooski VT ------------------------------

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    Hey all, im building disaster relief laundry trailers, TXCLA members have donated; LG washers-Jeff Waggener LG Dryers - Skyline equipment & LG Maytag stack dryers-Rob Maes Unfortunatly, the Trailer donated is to short for those dryers, and we will get ...

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    Great laundromat/self-storage/apartment location near the coast of Maine.  See the listing at: http://tour.circlepix.com/tour/titan/?id=4647504&_seoAddress=937-Route-3-China-ME-1328113 ------------------------------ Dr. Alexander Clifford Owner China ...