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  • Hi Young Welcome to the laundry industry! As far as sales tax on the purchase it will only apply to the machines which dispense soap, drinks and snacks. The product sold out of these machines require the collection/payment of sales tax therefore are also ...

  • That screen could be removable with two wing nuts and sit the entire length and width of that area under the drum. I think you would be good for a long time. ------------------------------ Curt Harrington ------------------------------

  • Hi Bob.  I've had a problem like this on a few occasions.  it drove me crazy until I found the cause.  For me the problem was the connector at the computer harness to the dryer.  There are two connectors, one is red, the other is white.  Sometimes the ...

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    Paulie, The brand in my photo is York, but to be clear, not all York units have this type of coil.  I have personally seen a Trane unit with the same type of coil and I have been quoted a Lennox unit with this type of coil.  Just be sure to ask for an ...

  • So, in Texas the value of your property includes the equipment also? ------------------------------ Steve Smoth Non-Industry new york NY ------------------------------


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