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1.  Led window decorative lighting

Posted 10-11-2017 23:55
I am planning to install window LED lighting for store front myself. I need help finding right product and from right place

I found few type of LED light available
3 LED channel light
Type 1 - 5050
Type 2 - 5630
Please advice which one is better
Also they comes in different color White, Blue, RGB etc

Also please suggest me reliable online source whom has good quality, brighter,  long life.

Thanks in advance

Store Owner/ Employee
New york NY

2.  RE: Led window decorative lighting

Posted 10-12-2017 07:49
LED 5630 (30 Lumens) is brighter than the 5050 (16 Lumens).

Somehow just me, never like windows LED wrap around. look outstanding to impact people eye, may be one line on the top, may be more than enough. Again just me only. So do whatever you think it the best for your business.

Phu Tran
Store Owner/ Employee
Garland TX

3.  RE: Led window decorative lighting

Posted 10-12-2017 13:26
Listen to the Godfather. And save $$$$$$$$


its a fad. In the dfw as soon as it came out all the mom n pop got into the craze. Over doing it all over the windows.

Its like you at a carnival.

Soon the leds fail. Then again you have extra work and cost to replace individual pieces.

Most bang for your buck. Install additional lighting in the front back and side of your mat and inside front entrance.

GODFATHER SAYS " More Light n Bright = more n more customers"


4.  RE: Led window decorative lighting

Posted 10-12-2017 14:48
I agree with both Phu & Godfather,

i too find find those window LEDs, while they attract attention, are kind of annoying to look at.
At least to me.

Whats more, the lights framing your windows make it harder to see inside the store by sheer contrast.

Like Godfather says, there are better ways to brighten your mat. Just my opinion.

Paulie B
Store Owner/ Employee
Mr Machine
New York City NY

5.  RE: Led window decorative lighting

Posted 10-12-2017 14:50
​Make sure you are not violating any local codes before making the investment.

Jeff Quail

6.  RE: Led window decorative lighting

Posted 10-12-2017 23:32
It's annoying driving by the local Metro PCS store on the corner as the white LED's are so bright and distracting.

In a mat, I can picture kids trying to tear them off the window.  They tear up everything.

Chris M
Norfolk VA