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1.  Effie - Home Dry Cleaning

Posted 6 days ago
Has anyone seen or heard of this dry cleaning method for use at home?  See attached youtube video. Interesting.
I thought this could work for laundromats who don't have the ability to do dry cleaning in their facility could possibly use this unit.

effie - never iron again

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effie - never iron again
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Michael Schube

2.  RE: Effie - Home Dry Cleaning

Posted 6 days ago
That's interesting but with a lot of unanswered questions.  Like time & space required?  Like durability & ability to keep clean the cabinet?  Setting up with the timer & coin mech &/or bill acceptor seems would be the relatively easy for many of us ... ourselves included.

Michael Walsh
Store Owner/ Employee
King Koin Laundry, Car n Dog Wash
Bismarck ND

3.  RE: Effie - Home Dry Cleaning

Posted 6 days ago

A professional shirt unit in a dry cleaning plant might cost $10,000 and consist of a body/sleeve press and a collar/cuff press. I wouldn't hold much expectation for that plastic gizmo.

Larry Adamski
Muskegon Laundromat
Spring Lake MI

4.  RE: Effie - Home Dry Cleaning

Posted 6 days ago

Hello Michael,

This is what a commercial presser looks like and do. That is why dry cleaner are still in business today charging from $ 2.75 to $ 4.25 per shirt.

This what we use at the laundromat for ± $ 4,025.  Produces a complete pressed shirt in less than 3 minutes for $ 0.37 and which sells for $ 1.95. Not too bad.

And to answer some questions somebody might have.

  • When will Effie be available? Effie will be available to preorder from March 2018.
  • How much will Effie cost? The early-bird price for Effie will be £699 @ 1.32157 U.S. dollars ± $ 924 USD
  • How big is Effie? The dimensions of Effie are 80cm x 25cm x 128cm. and 100% plastic
  • How long does it take to iron? .It will take 3 minutes to iron each item.  
  •                                                      It will take 6 minutes to dry and iron each item.      Yeah right. Faster than any dryer.
  • Can I test or see Effie somewhere? Unfortunately not yet. Sign up on the home page and we'll let you know as soon as you can! NOTICE. Do not wait for my order.

First they have to raise a couple of millions . . .  one million british pounds for production, marketing, distribution, etc.  and like 3 to 4 million of empty-heads who still believe "The Paris Dream". That storks bring children from Paris, who will buy the product.   LOL

In a few months after March 2018, this plastic gizmo will to be part of . . .

As an advice to you. Do not thow away your home ironing board and your steam iron yet. As seen on the video. You might have a use for them.   LOL

Dr. Kienkara Jo Tekura
Potential Investor
San Antonio AE

5.  RE: Effie - Home Dry Cleaning

Posted 5 days ago
It is not a dry cleaning method but a finishing station, I can't even call it a press.
It may last in a home application where you are finishing a dozen pieces a week but I don't see it holding up under even light commercial work.
There are better options out there if you want to start finishing garments in your laundromat.

Jeff Quail