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Don’t lose your potential customers because you don’t have a website!

77% of your potential customers research online before they walk through your door.
Only 18% of laundry owners have a website or advertise it.

The Coin Laundry Association’s free website solution for laundromat owners is called LaundryWeb Network. Through this program CLA builds and hosts a free laundry website for each store owner.

  1. A FREE 4-page website
  2. Website Design: Choose one of 3 laundry templates
  3. Upload your info in an easy-to-use online form
  4. Site includeslaundry website sample
    • Store Address
    • Hours of operation
    • Map on every page
    • Photos
    • Contact Us
    • Services Listing

Web sites and hosting are free* for members. We’ll even make most any requested updates to the site for 5 days after we build it. All that is required is a simple registration form that takes no more than 20 minutes to complete. In less than four weeks, you’ll have your own Web site! Below are some common questions about the program.

* Laundry Professional members will receive their first website free. A one-time $50 fee will be required for each additional website requested. Laundry Professional Premier members will receive their first three websites free. Additional websites will require a $50 one-time fee/site.

Search Engine Website Indexing
Having your website show up in the search engines results like Google, Yahoo or Bing helps your customers find your business which allows them to walk through your door and provide you with revenue. When a new website is created, it doesn’t automatically show up in search engines. There must be an additional step taken to have it listed. That could be by having the website linked to from another business, an online directory or by simply requesting the search engines to index (create a listing) the website.

Anyone who has or is getting a website through the Coin Laundry Association will be taught how to ask the search engines to list their website. If you’d rather not spend the time doing this, we do have CLA staff that will work with your website(s) and the search engines to do this on your behalf.

There is a minimal cost for this service. Laundry Professionals will be charged $50/CLA website to have CLA staff request that it be listed on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Premier Professional store owners will be able to do this for free through their membership.

Search Engine Optimization

  1. Clean website code for enhanced SEO performance
  2. Plugin installation for individual SEO page customization
  3. Location listing
  4. Google map
  5. Hours of operation

Guidance Tutorials

  1. How-to use, change and administer your website
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Domain purchase and forward
  4. SEO

View Web Sites that CLA has Created for Members

What if I have more than one laundry?
If you have more than one laundry, you can fill out a form for each facility. Laundry Professional members will receive their first website free, however a one-time $50 fee will be required for each additional website requested. Laundry Professional Premier members will receive their first three websites free and then any additional websites will require a $50 one-time fee/site. Submit your additional websites on the form linked to within your member portal and then a membership services representative will contact you to retrieve any additional fees associated with additional sites.

I have a domain name, but haven’t gotten around to building a Web site.
You are in the ideal position for this program. After we build the site, you can point your domain name to your site. This allows you to market the shorter URL to your customers.

What if I already have a Web site?
Great! You already know the power of marketing online. Now increase your presence with CLA. Our sites are built as network, so all member sites are linked in the backend. This helps with search engine rankings. As we add more laundries to our network, your laundry will appear closer to the top of search results.

Think about the possibilities of having two sites, such as offering different coupons on each site to track their success or translating one site into Spanish.

Will CLA host a Web site that I created by myself?
No. CLA’s Web system only hosts sites that it creates.

CLA’s LaundryWeb Network is a benefit of membership in the association. Do you want a website or want to access this benefit? You have two choices right now:

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