Laundry Owners Warehouse Hosts Dexter Service School

By PlanetLaundry Staff, CLA Member posted 04-06-2017 11:38

LOW_Seminar.jpgLaundry Owners Warehouse recently held a Dexter Laundry service school at the company’s headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. The educational sessions – conducted in collaboration with Dexter Laundry and led by equipment experts from the Iowa-based manufacturer – focused on teaching laundry owners and operators how best to troubleshoot, maintain and program their laundry equipment, as well as the most effective ways to enhance the performance of their machines.

“The Dexter Laundry service school taught me a lot about making the most of the equipment I have invested in for my laundromat,” said Grant Einhorn of Gee Coin Laundry. “Previously, I had to call in a technician even when there was a minor problem, but now I’m confident I will be able to tackle these problems on my own.”

The event also included a special birthday celebration for Virgil Simpson – a 40-year industry veteran who recently turned 80.

“The idea is to enable laundry owners and operators to sustain and maintain their laundries without requiring extensive professional assistance,” explained Laundry Owners Warehouse’s Joshua Prager. “This will bolster the quality of their services, reduce downtime and enable them to serve their customers in the best possible way.

“We are grateful to Dexter for agreeing to participate in this school, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them.”


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