Industry Showcase ’17

By Bob Nieman, CLA Member posted 07-27-2017 11:38

The Latest Products and Technologies from the Laundry Industry’s Top Companies

California multi-store owner Brian Brunckhorst unofficially dubbed the 2017 edition of The Clean Show to be “The Year of Technology.”

And given the vast array of brand new high-tech offerings that crowded the Las Vegas Convention Center this past June, who would argue with that description?

“Almost every major equipment manufacturer was demonstrating software to better manage their equipment,” Brunckhorst explained. “Whether it was software to report data from the machines, control operations or remote vend the machines, we saw it this year. In addition to the equipment manufacturers, there were many third-party vendors offering credit card, loyalty card and mobile payment options for equipment. This business is quickly changing from a strictly coin-operated business to a hybrid payment business.”

Texas laundry operator Rob Maes agreed. “I couldn’t get over all of the exhibitors with alternative payment methods,” he marveled. “It’s becoming a lot more fragmented – some companies are offering extremely robust systems and others are offering far more economical systems. If I had to build a new store tomorrow, I don’t know which one I’d pick.”

Echoing Brunckhorst and Maes, California owner Ron Kelley’s major takeaway from the show were the “huge improvements and innovation in payment systems, POS systems, and washer and dry controls – as well as the ability to solve problems remotely from a laptop, tablet or phone.”

In all, the show’s sold-out exhibition hall boasted more than 227,000 net square feet of leading-edge products and technologies for today’s forward-thinking laundry owners.

“In just the last couple of years, a quantum leap forward by both legacy manufacturers and new entrepreneurs has propelled us toward Clean 2017, which featured an unprecedented array of equipment, tools, controls and software that collectively have transformed our analog past into a bright, smart, digital future,” said Coin Laundry Association President and CEO Brian Wallace. “In my 25 years of traversing the laundry business, I’ve never seen so much ‘new,’ and I think those who missed Clean 2017 missed a watershed moment in our history.”

To relive the moment, here are some of the stars of Clean 2017, whose product offerings are quickly changing the look and feel of the vended laundry industry:

Accord Manufacturing

Accord Manufacturing builds commercial laundry bases for all of the major brands, as well as filling customized orders. The company’s laundry bases are built in-house, powder-coated locally and shipped directly from its Wisconsin factory. The bases are designed for accuracy and durability – and Accord welcomes orders of all sizes, guiding customers through the entire production process.


ADC has introduced its EcoWash multi-load, soft-mount lineup, which is designed to meet exacting customer needs for both the vended and on-premises laundry markets.

The 450 G-force units deliver high-spin speeds and tout flexibility and simple serviceability. In addition, to ensure maximum water extraction during final spin, the intelligent inverter-driven motor measures performance, monitors motor limits and effectively balances the load.

The M2 Controller, which is standard on OPL units, offers 10 cycle options, flexible water-level settings, selectable wash temperatures, four chemical-injection ports and simple diagnostic controls. Operators also have the option to upgrade to the MP2 Controller, which delivers 99 standard and programmable cycle options, seven chemical-injection ports, and software-enabled setup capabilities.

The washer simplifies service by featuring access points on the console panel, front panel and toe panel, while the hinged control panel allows convenient access to internal components.

Equipped with SUSPA shocks and industrial-grade springs, the soft-mount washer delivers high-spin speeds, up to 450-G, and doesn’t require bolt down. Also, the stainless-steel cabinet helps protect against corrosion and supports machine longevity, while the ergonomic door handle provides a secure close.

Equipped to be coin- or card-ready, the machine offers versatile payment options to meet customer needs. This unit is available in 25-, 30-, 40- and 60-pound capacities.

American Changer

American Changer unveiled its new AC105 Rear Load Bill/Banknote Changer and AC205 Rear Load Bill/Banknote Changer. Designed for laundry customers needing to convert bills to coins or tokens, the AC205 Rear Load Bill/Banknote Changer has the ability to dispense two different types of coins, providing store owners greater control over the machine’s payout.

The company also showcased the AC8001-2 Remote-Access Board, which allows operators to monitor the status of the machine remotely. It enables access to a secure, convenient webpage that displays audit information and current machine configuration. The webpage also will provide validator, hopper, credit card system and printer status reports, as well as full audit information. An email or text message will be sent to the owner should any troubleshooting occur, maximizing machine uptime. The Remote-Access Board provides valuable, real-time information to operators while offering convenience and ease of use.

Caco Manufacturing Corp.

Caco Manufacturing Corp. announced the release of its own custom line of drain troughs for laundry owners. The troughs are built to the custom length, width and height specifications of each bulkhead/laundromat project. The company fabricates the troughs in Houston and then ships them “ready to install” directly to the customer.

Caco includes dual lint filters standard with every trough. These filters are easily accessible underneath a stainless steel, hinged flip lid for cleaning and maintenance. The wastewater drain opening can be installed anywhere on the trough, including the side, front or bottom. The polypropylene lid is heavy duty in order to contain odors and allow for maintenance personnel foot traffic on top of it.

Card Concepts Inc.

CCI has introduced its latest innovation – the F2 Card Reader. The new device was designed to build upon years of feedback from the company’s customers and is the first laundry payment device with a color touch-screen interface, according to CCI.

The new card reader is NFC-enabled to support emerging payment applications, such as ApplePay and AndroidPay. It supports dual coin drops for owners who accept both quarters and dollar coins, and is capable of managing both pockets of a stack dryer with a single device, thus saving owners money.

“The F2 stands alone in a growing market of payment options,” said CCI President Steve Marcionetti. “The capabilities of this device will not only offer stores owners the flexibility they are asking for in terms of payment, but also will give them the tools to grow their businesses and make more money.”

Currently the F2 is being field tested and is expected to be available to laundry owners in late fall of 2017.

CCI also announced “Release 14,” which includes functionality that will benefit both existing and new system owners. Some of the new features include in-app ApplePay, Spanish-language prompts and cellular backup, as well as a feature that enables owners to manage employee work schedules via FasCard, and employees to clock in and out of shifts from any FasCard reader in the store.


CleanCloud has launched a complete iPad point-of-sale app solution for the drycleaning and laundry industries. Built for iOS and iPad, the new app provides laundry owners a low-cost, easy-to-use iPad POS setup in all of their stores. It’s able to use all of CleanCloud’s features, which include accepting orders from any location, selling in-store and online, managing delivery routes, invoicing customers and businesses, and receiving real-time business reports.

CleanCloud currently works with laundry and drycleaning companies in more than 35 countries around the world, from owner-operated businesses to large, multi-outlet companies.

Continental Girbau Inc.

Continental Girbau Inc. recently revealed a number of new products and technologies during Clean 2017. The company’s complete lineup of vended laundry equipment was on display, including its new 33-pound-capacity G-Flex washer. The hard-mount machine, recently added to the G-Flex line, offers six programmable extract speeds up to 200 G-force, and Continental’s newly enhanced ProfitPlus Control.

The G-Flex line currently touts models in 33-, 40-, 55- and 70-pound capacities. And the ProfitPlus Control now enables customers to select an extra spin, if desired. The ProfitPlus Control offers four primary cycle options: SUPERWASH, an extra-long cycle for heavy soil; HOT, for whites; WARM for colorfast and permanent press items; and COLD for colors. It also allows customers to add an EXTRA WASH, EXTRA RINSE and now an EXTRA SPIN.

Other products exhibited were Continental’s offering of L-Series hard-mount washers and ExpressWash free-standing washers. Express Ironers and ExpressDry dryers also were also highlighted.

The company’s booth drew investors interested in Continental’s Express Laundry Center concept as well. Express Laundry Center is a branded, turnkey vended laundry offering that combines ExpressWash and ExpressDry equipment with multiple services, operational training and marketing/management support.

Continental’s new “A Vended Laundry Guide to Developing Successful Commercial Laundry Services” also debuted. The guide walks laundry owners through the process of launching and growing commercial wash-dry-iron-fold services. “It’s the wave of the future,” said Continental President Mike Floyd. “Owners are adding ironers to garner new commercial accounts that require perfectly finished bed and table linens. In doing so, owners add a new revenue stream for more revenue and profit opportunity.”

Curbside Laundries

Curbside Laundries has introduced its new software, which was developed for laundry owners looking to grow their wash-dry-fold business.

The software is simple to use and handles all of a business’ wash-dry-fold needs, including point of sale, order tracking, drycleaning, pickup and delivery, online ordering, reporting, employee productivity tracking and a website.

The Curbside Laundries software has been tested successfully at one of the largest laundromats in California and, according to the company, has helped this store’s wash-dry-fold revenue surpass its significant self-serve business.

Curbside Laundries also provides free consultation to laundry owners who want to start, manage or grow their wash-dry-fold business.

Dexter Laundry

Dexter Laundry has introduced upgrades in the management capabilities of DexterLive. Newly added remote customer service features and additional PLUS cycle upsell features, such as “Superwash,” give owners more flexibility and power to run their stores from anywhere, anytime. Email alerts and the ability to monitor collection times remotely give owners more freedom to be away from their laundries, enabling them to live a more balanced life away from their stores.

The DexterLive system comes standard on all C-Series products.

The company’s stack washer-dryer family grew with the addition of the T-350 SWD. Now available in 20-, 30- and 50-pound capacities, Dexter stack washer-dryers deliver the same commercial-grade performance customers expect from a stand-alone washer and dryer in half the space, according to Dexter Laundry. This makes them ideal for installations with limited space. They can easily fill small spaces in existing laundries or be used in combination with each other to create the perfect product offering in a store with a small footprint. With a dry-to-dry time of less than one hour, they maximize customer throughput while saving on utility expenses. The T-350 SWD and the upgraded T-450 SWD will be available for sale later this fall.

Dexter also showcased its new O-Series line of high-end on-premises laundry products. The new line gives laundry managers total control over their laundries, with precise settings, specialty cycles and management reporting tools. The new O-Series line also will be available later this fall.


DRYV, an app-based, on-demand garment care provider based in Chicago, has opened its platform to partner with leading operators around the world. During the past three years, DRYV has been building an on-demand garment care technology platform and primarily servicing operators and users in Chicago.

Originally DRYV serviced just a few Chicago neighborhoods, but now the company helps operators all across the United States. Its flexible platform enables any size operation to have mobile apps, dynamic routes and customer support. In addition, DRYV states that it uses the most advanced web technologies and is 100 percent cloud-based.

“We’re seeing a lot of interest from laundry operators and drycleaners looking to grow in 2017,” said DRYV Co-Founder Dan Parsons. “Wash-and-fold delivery is going to be big in years to come. Drycleaning delivery is already popular, and now operators can grow even faster with the right technology tools.”

After the company’s initial success with Chicago cleaners, it has decided to release a full stack white-label solution for operators eager to grow their businesses. The new solution includes branded iOS, Android and web applications for customers.

Clients receive a full suite of management tools, including cleaner dashboard, native driver application, access to dynamic routing, garment tracking, sales and operational analytics, and customer support.

Eastern Funding

Eastern Funding offers financing that allows for the purchase and simultaneous equipment retooling of vended laundries. This financing capability enables laundry investors to get through projects faster with a single financing source.

At Clean 2017, Eastern Funding highlighted its XPRESS-APP quick-turnaround finance program. XPRESS-APP is designed to provide faster access to loans for replacement laundry equipment. XPRESS-APP features:

• A simple one-page credit application
• Response to credit applications within 24 hours
• Less legal documents to sign
• Online document signing using DocuSign

Firestone Financial

Firestone Financial has announced that it is now offering SBA 7(a) financing to customers in the commercial laundry industry. The program provides customers with access to quick loan approvals with minimal down payment for new laundromats and business acquisitions. The SBA 7(a) program was added to provide additional financial options to the laundry market.

“This is a huge step forward to what we can provide the laundry industry,” said Tony Costanza, assistant vice president of sales. “We want to help our customers get the financing they need to meet their business needs, whether it’s upgrading their current location or opening up a new one.”

In addition to SBA 7(a) financing, Firestone Financial continues to provide its application-only program to customers, offering a streamlined process and low rates.

First Preference Products

First Preference Products now provides laundry owners with the opportunity to offer their customers Ares liquid detergents, available in both conventional and certified free and green formulations. By design, the plastic package is always upright, even when in a vending machine, and it features a single-use, tamper-evident closure and leak-proof inner seal. In addition, all Ares products feature HE formulations, suitable for all washers.

Hamilton Engineering

Hamilton Engineering offers store operators the San-03-tyzer – an innovative new system that, according to the company, “uses just the right amount of ozone in every wash cycle, giving owners and their customers peace of mind, knowing that their washers have been completely sanitized.”

Ozonated cold water effectively destroys bacteria, mold, fungi and other microorganisms, thus sanitizing the washer – and the clothes in them – with every use. In addition, this technology reduces the use of hot water and detergents, which will lower utility bills and reduce the carbon footprint of the store. Ozone is especially effective on organic and hydrocarbon stains – such as grease, fats and oils – rendering the soil more soluble in water.

Also, ozone will deodorize the laundry by eliminating the source of the odors, and it will improve the way your washers and your laundromat smell by eliminating the mildew that grows in sumps and drains. What’s more, adding ozone to your laundry business is a feature that would set your store apart from other competing laundries.

San-03-tyzer systems are available in ozone only, or ozone with integrated hot water for individual bulkheads or the entire store.

High Mark Manufacturing

High Mark Manufacturing offers laundry owners tandem seating units for their customers. Designed to be both durable and stylish, the company’s seats are built from heavy-duty perforated steel with multiple powder coating options. The premium units are on an aluminum beam, with the versatile indoor/outdoor seating featuring a tube steel frame – all built for the most punishing high-traffic laundry areas.

To complement its seating, High Mark also offers sturdy, durable folding tables in two styles to suit any décor.

In addition, the company manufactures bulkheads and drain troughs for the laundry industry.


Huebsch has introduced Huebsch Command, a networking solution developed to keep laundry owners better updated on their business operations. Building off the success of its Galaxy control, the company now offers wireless access and cloud-based management tools.

Huebsch Command provides owners access to operations data whenever and wherever they want it. The result is greater flexibility to manage their vended laundry business in a manner that fits their lifestyle. Owners gain access to data reports showing information such as store performance, as well as performance compared with their other locations; turns per day; revenue by machine capacity; and cycle modifier usage to assist with understanding what features customers utilize.

Huebsch Command also can send service alerts via email or text message and provide owners or store managers with an at-a-glance error report showing any issues with machines. In addition, the cloud-based system enables remote starts and changes to machine settings from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Huebsch Command is tentatively planned to launch in North America in October 2017.


Responding to laundry owners seeking an easier way to vend multi-load washers and dryers while reducing coin handling issues, Imonex showcased its enhanced single-inlet coin drop, which can be customized to accept any combination of dollar coins, quarters, and similarly valued small and large tokens.

New laser-engraved faceplate options, along with the latest coin drop designs, tailored for specific manufacturer lines, were exhibited at Clean 2017. In addition to interactive displays simulating the multi-coin customer experience, show attendees received a video tour of attended and unattended laundries nationwide that have successfully integrated higher denomination coins and tokens into daily operations.

The dual-coin format retains quarter-increment pricing, maximizes vault and changer hopper capacities, and minimizes operator collection duties, according to Imonex. The company additionally noted that tokens have proven to be an economically viable alternative to proprietary loyalty card systems, while providing similar benefits – including in-house promotions and credit/debit card capabilities, as well as the elimination of attendant drop-off laundry coin banks and cash refunds.


Laundroworks has announced three recent enhancements to its line of card systems, including a touchscreen, EMV compliance and second-generation wireless technology.

The company has added a 15-inch, industrial-grade touchscreen to its kiosk. Using intuitive prompts, 3D animation and multi-language support, the kiosk enables customers to purchase a new card or reload an existing card simply.

Of course, with the payment industry shifting toward more secure chip-card and contactless payments, merchants without EMV-compliant credit card processing equipment are at an increasing risk of non-compliance fees. Therefore, Laundroworks has upgraded its mag-stripe solution to an EMV-compliant PINpad solution, which accepts all forms of electronic payment, even EBT cash benefit cards.

The card readers use wireless networking technology for auditing, diagnostic and control functions. And, with its our new second-generation wireless technology, the network can easily connect machines in complex layouts, such as those found in garden-court-style and high-rise apartment buildings – and the operator can perform more functions, such as changing vend prices remotely.

The Laundry Boss/BCC Payments

BCC Payments has introduced the addition of the CRBC-VAK (credit, bills, coins and value-add kiosk) to The Laundry Boss product line. This new kiosk completes the full line of products needed to service the vended laundry business.

The Laundry Boss is a cloud-based payment and control system uniquely built for the laundry and vending industries. It will simplify business operations while improving efficiency and reducing costs. With our no upfront costs to get started, The Laundry Boss’ real-time, web-based control and accounting provides complete accountability and laundry business management. To accommodate differences in store layouts, The Laundry Boss is available as a stand-alone kiosk or wall-mounted unit.

Laundry Locker/Drop Locker

Laundry Locker and Drop Locker offer route software and 24-hour lockers for today’s laundry owners looking to get into the pickup and drop off aspect of the business.

Lockers have become a good way for operators to add convenient pickup and drop off services for customers without needing an attendant on site. This enables owners to increase the turns per day and revenue at their stores. Lockers also allow owners to grow their market without additional rent or labor costs.

The lockers can be installed in hundreds of locations, are available after hours and are simple to use, according to the company. The customer places the laundry in a locker and sends a text. The driver picks it up, cleans it and returns it to the locker. When the bag is scanned, the customer gets charged and receives an automated text/email to come pick up the processed items.

Drop Locker and Laundry Locker provide their partners with:

• Software to track all orders, customers and marketing (POS, home delivery, lockers).
• Patented, angled lockers able to hold wash-dry-fold and drycleaning items. Each locker is programmed with an override key.
• Apple & Android apps.
• Cloud-based security, encryption and payment gateway.
• Marketing, knowledgebase and ongoing group consulting.
In addition, Drop Locker offers owners a free 15-minute call to help decide if lockers make sense for their specific market.


Laundrylux unveiled a number of new products and technologies during Clean 2017. They included:

• LaundryPulse, a cloud-based management tool to give owners access to remote functions and detailed analytics. LaundryPulse features real-time revenue reports, instant vend price adjustment, promotional campaign support, machine utilization reports and more.

• LaundryPay, a high-tech app that enables laundry customers to pay for their laundry with their cell phones. It’s easy to download, easy to use and generates customer loyalty.

• Encore by Wascomat, a new line of washers and dryers, which are available in coin, card and on-premises laundry models. Encore is ideal for self-service laundries, hotel guest laundries, apartment laundry rooms, nursing homes, salons, veterinary clinics and similar settings.

• Wascomat washers and dryers, now offering a sleek new look with high-shine stainless steel front panels. In addition, Wascomat machines are now equipped with Automatic Savings, PowerBalance technology and EcoPower for enhanced water and energy savings.

• Electrolux Concept Store, a program that offers investors a fresh approach to building a new laundromat or renovating an existing location. It combines forward-thinking design and contemporary graphics with the latest Electrolux equipment to create a unique laundry experience.

Maytag Commercial Laundry

Maytag Commercial Laundry has introduced a new topload washer. The unit, which features the ease of use and performance of a traditional “deep wash” experience, also offers durability, serviceability and flexibility.

Alternating between long and short strokes to generate deep cleaning, the powerful ½-HP PSC motor and quad-gear transmission deliver a consistent wash for varied load types. The design, which is made of a watertight, flexible, triple-lip seal to keep moisture safely away from the shaft and protect the premium bearings, delivers results and longevity.

The wash system is optimized with deep-water wash and rinse cycles to provide an effective wash. Utilizing four distinct wash profiles – from aggressive to gentle – the traditional, flex-vane agitator pulls clothes from the top of the basket to the bottom, creating vigorous cleaning action and load rollover.

The spin-fill wet-down process ensures the load is properly saturated by rotating the basket during initial fill. With upgrade options available for hotter temperatures, deep bath rinse, progressive spray and heavy soil, and wash basket accessibility during the first three rinse segments of the cycle simply by lifting the lid, the end-user’s experience can be further enhanced.

Intelligent controls with M-Series technology offer flexibility and profit-boosting opportunities. Customized setup via simple, step-by-step programming provides individual cycle pricing options for optimal earnings, while end users can easily choose their preferred wash experience with one-touch cycle selection. In addition, the display clearly conveys prices, selections and time remaining.

Should downtime occur, servicing the topload washer is easy. With just two screws, the console can be easily removed, allowing access to the control panel, while an opening in the base provides fast access to the transmission, pump and motor. And built-in, easy-to-use diagnostics help servicers identify the problem and get the machine back to peak performance quickly.

Possessing the strength and craftsmanship needed for high-demand commercial environments, the sturdy removable front, side panels and easy-access base are constructed with high-grade powder-coated galvanized steel. In addition, the full-wrap metal console is sleek and easy to clean.

PayRange Inc.

PayRange Inc. has announced that its cashless, mobile technology is now available to the laundry industry. Mobile payment innovation is bringing commercial washers and dryers into the digital age, aligning them with today’s consumers. The company will enable store owners to upgrade their existing machines in two minutes to accept payment via cell phones.

The PayRange solution is available for Speed Queen and Maytag machines. Other manufacturers currently are working with PayRange to get their equipment certified.


Primus has introduced an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional drycleaning processes – Softwash. This new technology delivers “a total cleaning solution that is easier to work with than perc and achieves far superior results on a wider range of stains and fabrics,” according to the company.

Softwash features a cost-effective setup for any size operation, and Primus reports a 20 percent to 30 percent cost reduction per 2.2 pounds of textiles cleaned when using Softwash. This new offering boasts faster processing speeds for quick turnaround; optimized mechanical cleaning action for quality results; optimum spin action that’s programmed to protect specific fabrics; color and texture restoration; excellent oil stain removal; and flexibility to care for all drycleanable fabrics.

In addition, Primus provides customers with a turnkey solution, including equipment, training, financing, and detergents and spotting agents – as well as marketing support to promote this environmentally friendly alternative to drycleaning.

R&B Wire Products

R&B Wire Products has introduced its new Antimicrobial Wire Laundry Carts. The revolutionary antimicrobial coating is designed to protect users by inhibiting the growth of bacteria. According to R&B, many laundry owners are buying the carts to provide their businesses with a competitive edge and to differentiate their facilities from the rest. And customers are more likely to frequent a laundry that is proactive about cleanliness.

In addition, R&B’s Vinyl Basket and Poly Trucks with non-marking air cushion bumpers attracted a lot of attention at the Clean Show. These products provide “an unmatched level of protection for facilities,” according to the manufacturer.

Rowe International

Rowe International has added its new BC-1600 (available in front- or rear-load models, and with the same dimensions as the BC-1400) with such security features as a 12-gauge steel cabinet, a “safe-like” lock bar with a three-point locking system, hardened steel T-handle, and Medico high-security lock and keys. The BC-1600 model will automatically include two MEI bill acceptors, as well as two coin hoppers holding the capacity of 5,600 quarters, tokens or dollar coins each.

Rowe has incorporated new technology into its machines, creating a user-friendly, programmable touchscreen that is included in all new models. In addition, no more worries that your changer light is on or your changer could possibly be out of service – the BC-1600 will send out remote alerts via text message and/or email, using free Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection, if your coin hoppers are low or an error such as a bill jam or coin jam has occurred.

The BC-1600 unit can be purchased with dual bill recyclers, which will allow your customers to receive coins as well as bills. Bill recyclers are a great way to eliminate having cash in the hands of your attendant.

Rowe also offers the BC-3200 unit, which is two BC-1600 changers that share the same faceplate and will include four MEI bill acceptors and four coin hoppers.


Setomatic/SpyderWash unveiled several new features at Clean 2017, designed to help store owners generate increased profits and provide laundromat customers will a better experience. Some of those features are:

A “Free Wash” program, where laundry owners can set their washers for “the 10th wash free” or whatever parameter they choose. This will work with either a loyalty card or a customer’s own credit/debit card. The reader will count down every time that card is swiped to let the customer know how many more washes he or she needs for a free wash. Customers no longer have to purchase a separate loyalty card to receive loyalty benefits.

A “Free Dry” program that is completely customizable by the owner, who can set it up so that it works every day or just on a random day as a last-minute special. The owner also can choose how many “free dryer” credits each size washer will give, and this value will be associated with each customer’s loyalty card or credit/debit card. This also works well in markets that offer free dry all of the time; it prevents a customer from using one washer and then spreading that load into several dryers simply because they are free.

The SpyderWash Mobile App, which is where laundry customers can register their loyalty or credit/debit cards, add value to their loyalty cards and see their transaction history. They can even view their progress on the “Free Wash” program, and see machine availability (if the laundry owner wants that feature enabled).

Acceptance of NFC technologies like Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay and the Apple Watch directly on washers and dryers. These are the only mobile apps that come pre-loaded on almost all phones. It doesn’t require your customer to download a separate phone app that can be used only at your store. These mobile payments also are universally used across all industries. According to the company, contactless payments across the entire SpyderWash network are up more than 150 percent since April 2016.

Manage Your Attendants and Wash-Dry-Fold – SpyderWash offers several types of cards to help you manage your attendants and keep better track of your wash-dry-fold business. With SpyderWash, you can assign each attendant his or her own unique card to start the machines, while having full accountability of every transaction, along with time and date stamps. You can even set these cards to “auto refill” when they get below a certain dollar amount.

Speed Queen

Speed Queen has developed the industry’s “first fully integrated business management ecosystem.” Planned to launch in North America and select global markets in October, SQ Insights and SQ Insights Professional will offer laundry owners two options to leverage technology to simplify operations without third-party add-ons.

SQ Insights delivers a cloud-based machine management solution built upon the company’s successful Quantum Gold control. With no software to install, setup of the system is easy, and the user-friendly system provides: single and multiple store dashboard reports; on-the-go access to store data; and a user-friendly interface. It also offers remote management and configuration, as well as real-time alerts.

For owners looking for more management capability, SQ Insights Professional adds a suite of CRM tools and a consumer app with mobile pay. SQ Insights Professional eliminates the added expenses and cumbersome install/management of third-party payment systems, while giving owners unfettered access to customer data to better tailor marketing and customer loyalty programs. The payment solution is factory installed (with the exception of a distributor-installed gateway) and supported – providing one integrated data stream combining payment and machine data.

In addition, the company unveiled a preview of its new SQ Business Suite. As currently conceptualized, the Business Suite builds on the SQ Insights Professional platform, but adds a POS system, inventory management, workforce management and wash-dry-fold management. It also would include operational and financial dashboards, robust CRM tools and a consumer app with mobile payment feature (SQ Pay) all in one system.


Springboard has launched its new cloud-based software suite designed to help laundry owners run their pickup and delivery businesses more efficiently and profitably.

John MacKrell, a laundromat owner, founded Springboard to solve the industrywide problem of low utilization of equipment during the slow midweek period. Springboard’s service offers everything from a branded search-engine-optimized website to a back-office suite of tools that allows owners to manage routes and driving manifests. Additionally, the Springboard comprehensive feature set includes software tools to track production and employee payroll, analyze metrics, securely bill credit cards, manage and resolve issues, and maintain customer relationships.

Springboard also can help operators grow by managing their marketing and customer service.


Digital marketing and technology company SPYNR has launched a new pickup and delivery order management system. The OMS, which has been in development for two years, is designed to help laundry owners with pickup/delivery service streamline the flow of acquiring and maintaining orders in an intuitive and natural system.

SPYNR tested the system in New York City and is now ready to transition this technology into new markets. The system can help laundry owners stay interconnected, informed and involved with every aspect of their business. It presents real-time updates that enable operators to stay ahead of their orders and improve customer service. Another unique feature provides businesses with a simple ordering process for clients, with customizable emails and direct messaging.

“The SPYNR OMS is different because it was built from an industry insider’s perspective and elevates the laundry customer’s online experience,” explained SPYNR Vice President JP Nicoletta. “We’ve been in the trenches with laundry owners and know what they need, so we’ve created something that meets that without neglecting how their customers engage with technology.”

Standard Change-Makers Inc.

Standard Change-Makers has upgraded its Expanded Function (EF) Module, which is an optional feature that provides more control over your change machine, and at the same time gives more feedback via the LCD display. The company’s new EF+ Module does everything the EF Module does and also includes an Ethernet port. By plugging an Ethernet cable into that port and connecting to the router of your network, you can program the EF+ Module to send text messages to your phone or computer.

The EF+ can be programmed to send a daily audit report and messages when the machine has an “Out of Service” condition, such as hopper empty, bill validator stacker full, etc. The EF+ Module is available as an optional feature on all change machine models and can be retrofitted on any existing change machine that has modular technology.

Also, the company has introduced MEI Bill Recyclers, which are ideal for laundry locations where the owners would like to provide bill change, but the cost of a bill-to-bill or bill-and-coin exchanger is prohibitive. The MEI Bill Recycler provides a small-capacity, low-cost bill dispensing solution that can be fitted into a change machine.

The MEI Bill Recycler holds from 25 to 30 bills in a recycling module under the bill acceptor. It’s programmed to store $5 bills. Once initially loaded with bills, as customers insert $5 bills while conducting normal business, those bills are “recycled” or stored in the recycler area for future dispense. In essence, your customers help you replenish the $5 bill supply when they bring $5 bills into your store and spend them in the change machine.

Standard requires that you purchase the optional EF or EF+ Module to allow the machine to monitor and transfer vends, if the recycler should run out of bills. The kit also includes a “Coins ONLY” indicator light for the front of the machine, which provides notification that the recycler is out of bills.

Vend-Rite Manufacturing

Vend-Rite has launched a new vending machine, the VM120n – a four-column electronic soap vender that can be networked to two other four-column units, creating a 12-column vender. This four-column vender is a perfect fit for any small laundry room using coins or cards. The vender interfaces with any card system that follows the MDB protocol just like previous models did. Larger laundries can take advantage of the expandability of the 120n – adding another four columns by hanging an additional vender to the right or left side and plugging it in. No additional credit accepting devised is required.

Another new Vend-Rite product on display at Clean 2017 was the company’s Real-Tuff laundry cart liner. This plastic bag lines a laundry cart for a clean transfer of clean clothes from washer to dryer. And the liner then makes it easy for customers to carry their laundry home after they’ve folded and stacked their clothes in the cart – simply pull up the handles, tie them together and lift the laundry out of the cart. This product will be available in bulk pack for drop-off service and packed in Vend-Rite’s proprietary and soap vender size vend boxes for dispensing.


At Clean 2017, WashClubTrak showcased the latest version of its software (v4.5), which has already processed some 500,000 orders since launching in Atlanta. Some of the new “bells and whistles” include enhanced online point-of-sale, state-of-the-art logistics (via Google Map Business) and a powerful commercial online platform uniquely designed to route linen operators. In addition, WashClub’s marketing division, WashClubBuzz, also was busy displaying digital and traditional marketing channels, aimed at acquiring new customers for online operators and self-service. “The most critical question from show attendees was to determine how best to navigate a changing technological and consumer landscape,” said WashClub founder Rick Rome. “We’re proud to know we have become the go-to solution for helping the industry move along this journey of transformation.”

Wash-Dry-Fold POS

Wash-Dry-Fold POS has announced its comprehensive new Premier Package. The package features an integrated weight scale (NTEP-certified, legal for trade, and rated up to 150 pounds and accurate down to 0.05 pounds); a fan-less touchscreen computer with a solid state hard drive and an integrated thermal receipt printer; a steel cash drawer; a barcode reader; a mag-stripe reader for creating and selling gift cards or for secure employee card swipe log in; a thermal label printer for bag labeling; and an integrated EMV chip credit card PIN pad.

The Premier Package is supported by ample documentation and training videos, an initial two-hour training and setup assistance phone call with remote log-in support, one year of a renewable 24/7 software technical support plan from a U.S.-based call center, and further supported by free 24/7 hardware technical support for the life of the equipment accompanied by a five-year computer terminal warranty featuring overnight replacement and one free “no fault” accidental damage replacement.


Washlava, a mobile technology startup, has announced that the first release of its patent-pending mobile application and technology platform is now available on LG Giant commercial washers and dryers.

The company’s proprietary system, designed specifically for self-service laundry, consists of a mobile app, a unique LED status indicator and integrated machine control technology that lets laundry customers reserve and pay for machines with a simple tap of the app.

“While we’re engineering for many makes and models of equipment, we released our technology on LG first because of its strong consumer brand and well-designed machines,” explained Todd Belveal, Washlava founder and CEO. “Our technology streamlines and enhances both the customer and the owner experience, and LG adds to that experience.”

The company’s technology gives laundry customers a consistent, convenient experience at every Washlava-enabled location, with no waiting for machines, and none of the hassle of paying with quarters or laundry cards.

Washlava also creates a seamless connection between owners, customers, machines and employees. Through the platform, businesses can engage with current customers, acquire new customers through smartphone-based refer-a-friend incentives, enable demand-based pricing, and monitor and control equipment remotely.

The company has been testing its technology at the University of Florida since fall 2016, with students preferring the Washlava app 12 to 1 over quarters and 7 to 1 over credit cards, according to the company.

Whirlpool Commercial Laundry

Whirlpool has unveiled a new commercial laundry single-load frontload washer, which features a 3.1-cubic-foot wash basket and is ideal for handling family-size loads. In addition, this Energy Star-certified washer is equipped with a variable speed motor to deliver a quality wash performance, while the high-speed spin helps remove excess water in the washer, to ensure optimal dry time.

Standard on the unit are user-friendly microprocessor controls, which display cycle option and time remaining. With nine cycle options, push-button controls and an automatic detergent, softener and bleach dispenser, the washer helps streamline operations. Also, the durable cabinet resists chipping and scratching.

The unit features a removable front service panel and 130-degree door opening with heavy-duty die-cast hinges. What’s more, the inlet hoses feature brass couplings for added strength.


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