Business Bio: Marysville Laundry Station

By Bob Nieman, CLA Member posted 01-03-2017 09:46


Craig Wells
Marysville Laundry Station
Marysville, Wash.

bio1.jpgBefore Getting into the Laundry Business…

Craig used to work in a grocery store.

Store Opening

January 1, 2004

Business Hours

6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily, with the last wash beginning at 9:00 p.m.


Three full-time attendants and one part-time employee

Total Square Footage

4,000 square feet

Parking Availability

Marysville Laundry Station has two entrances, one in the front and one in the rear. There are five parking spaces at each entrance. There also is a large parking lot near the store for a local gym and church.

Lease or Own

Craig leases the store’s location. The lease is 10 years, with a five-year option. He is currently in the second year of his second 10-year lease.

bio2.jpgThe Building

Marysville Laundry Station was an existing laundromat when Craig took over. The store has been in business since 1962.

Turns per Day

Four to five

Utility Costs

Utility costs represent 23 percent of the laundry’s gross sales.

Marketplace Demographics

The store is located in a strong rental area, with mid- to low-income residents and many families.


There is one competitor in the area, and this laundry has been in business since 1982.

Payment Options

Marysville Laundry Station accepts coins and credit/debit cards.

Washers and Dryers

The store’s vend prices vary, depending on customer water level and temperature selections through the Speed Queen Quantum control system. Additionally, on the last Thursday of each month, all washers are half-price for Customer Appreciation Day.

5 Speed Queen toploaders, $3.00-$5.50
12 Speed Queen 20-pound frontloaders, $2.50-$4.25
5 Speed Queen 40-pound frontloaders, $5.50-$7.50
2 Speed Queen 60-pound frontloaders, $7.50-$10.00
1 Speed Queen 100-pound frontloader, $10.50-$14.00
12 Speed Queen 30-pound stack dryers, $1.00 to start the machine for 12 minutes, and 25 cents for each four additional minutes
11 Speed Queen 75-pound dryers, $1.50 to start the machine for 15 minutes, and 25 cents for each three additional minutes

bio3.jpgWater Heating System

Hamilton Engineering EVO water heating system

Card System

Card Concepts Inc. card system

Bill Changers

2 Rowe BC12 bill changers

Laundry Carts

10 R&B Wire Products laundry carts

Folding Tables

10 Solomatic folding tables with granite tops


VCT flooring


Four-foot, energy-efficient T12 lighting

Soap Vending

1 Vend-Rite Manufacturing soap vending machine, price vary

Beverage Vending

1 Royal 12-selection soda vending machine, 75 cents

Snack Vending

1 Automatic Products Snack Shop 7600 vending machine, prices vary


1 70-inch flatscreen television

Children’s Play Area

The laundry features a 10- by 10-foot play area for toddlers. It includes a table with magnets, a chalkboard and toys.

Additional Amenities

•    Free Wi-Fi access
•    3 computers with internet access
•    Free touchscreen video games
•    1 Vend-Rite Manufacturing laundry bag machine, with two different sized bags

Wash-Dry-Fold Service

$1.24 per pound; 10-pound minimum

Commercial Accounts

Craig services multiple commercial accounts for area businesses. Marysville Laundry Station cleans towels, aprons and rags for local espresso stands, a local restaurant and a metal casting company. The laundry business also has contracts with the county park to wash linens in the rental cabins (sheets, blankets, towels, etc.) and with Northwest Rentals to wash blankets, towels and linens in the RV rentals. These costs vary per client.


Dynamic Sales & Service, Kirkland, Wash., (425) 823-4300



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